What to wear to a pole dancing class – with examples and photos

If you're planning on dancing, you'll need special clothes that are characterized by certain materials and tailoring. If you're planning to study pole dance, it's important to find a uniform with open legs and waist areas, among other things. Let's find out more about what to wear to a pole dancing class.

An example of how beginners dress for pylon classes.

General principles of choice

First of all, when choosing a dancing suit for pole dance, pay attention to the fabric. It should be elastic, durable and hygroscopic, as this sport involves a lot of movement. Fabric of the dance form should stretch in both directions, and it is better if it will not thin, otherwise - it will shine through during the performance of dance elements.

A good fabric is one that stretches and does not glow.

Most often costumes for pole dance are made of bi flex or velvet, and sometimes - with inserts from a grid or guipure.

A popular fabric for sewing forms is emerald bi-flex and velveteen.

Please note: velvet suits are a little warmer than bi flex, in warm seasons you may be hot.

Choose clothes that are easy to care for. You'll probably have to wash it often because of the constant training. The bi flex dancing uniform will be indestructible, even if it is washed every day.

And the most important thing is that you should like yourself in your dancing clothes. It inspires you to more productive training and just cheers you up in the lesson.

Dancing Shoes

You may need ballet shoes with an open or closed-toe and stripper boots for training. But if you're uncomfortable with the high heels stripper boots, you can do with socks.

Popular models of strips for dancing.

High hills are most often needed for exotic pole dance classes. Beginners can use the boots with a height of 4 centimeters. They are very convenient not only for training, but also in general, so you don't have to worry about the fact that the heels will be hard for you to dance.

Next, the dancers go to the platform size of 6-7 centimeters, this is the most popular model and is suitable for absolutely different levels of training. For professionals - a great variant of 9 centimeters.

Form for warm-up

Every training session always starts with a warm-up. To warm up faster and better, you can use your leggings, T-shirt, and gaiters to warm up. Leggings and gaiters will help to stretch well and warm up all the muscles during the warm-up, so as not to get injured during the performance of dance elements.

Example of wearing for warming-up.

Form for training on the pylon

Then, after warm-up, you will need special shorts and top, because for the exercise on the pylon you need a good grip of the skin with the pylon.

There are two types of shorts:

  • ¾, which open the buttocks by a third;
  • shorts that completely cover the buttocks.

There are also various models of shorts with a high waist, as well as shorts with "suspenders".

Popular models of shorts for dancing.

It is recommended to put on a sports top with open waist and hand areas. That is, a regular T-shirt is not suitable for dancing on the pylon. An important requirement for a top is that it can be worn without a bra, it must hold the chest.

Another variant of the costume for a dance lesson - integral bodysuit. They are suitable for both training and performance. They are often sewn with special slots on the sides (that is for the good grip with the pylon).

Don't forget about safety. The kneepads are tight around the leg, preventing the stretching from out the knee muscles and ligaments, and protecting them from abrasions. There are kneepads with special lacquer inserts on the upper back surface of the thigh. They provide additional grip on the pylon when performing various elements.

What to wear for the Pole sport lesson

For pole sport lessons the presence of shorts and top is obligatory as this direction is basically directed on the performance of acrobatic elements and their combinations. It is extremely important that in the chosen clothes you were comfortable and nothing interfered with the training.

Here are some options for clothing for classes pole sport.

Clothes for exotic pole dance

For exotic pole dance classes, you can wear both shorts with a top and sometimes leggings.

Exotic Pole Dance Wearing
Dance leotard in combination with stockings and high heel shoes.
Popular exotic dancing shoes are high boots above the knees.

Clothes for Pole Art

The pole art dance will be adorned with a long silk skirt or other lightweight and soaring fabric.

A red long skirt will make your movements more amplitude and expressive.
A black silk skirt knee-deep will decorate the image and add ease to life.
Photo session in the style of pole art with garlands.

Dance form care

If your uniform is made of bi flex, it does not require special care. You can wash it often and not worry about its color and quality. The main rule - do not leave to dry on direct sunlight, bi flex has the property of burnout.

If you have chosen clothes for dancing from velvet, it is harder to care for it, because it can not be washed or ironed. Thoroughly clean the cloth from dust, clean with a sponge moistened in water and well wrung out to avoid disturbing the pile. After you get rid of the dust, wipe the product with a soft woolen cloth.

What NOT to do before the lesson:

  • apply moisturizing cream to your hands or body;
  • to use perfume abundantly;
  • to wear jewelry: rings, necklaces, and bracelets will scratch the pylon and prevent you from exercising effectively.

Happy poling!

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