Best dance kneepads – guide and review

If you are a dancer, the last thing you want is to have your career or passion cut short because of an injury. Knees are particularly vulnerable because they bear the majority of our body’s weight when we are on our feet all day long. But regular knee pads are not the ideal choice for pro dancers.

So we decided to put the top 7 picks for best dance knee pads through an intense dance performance test via our lovely dancers. And here are the results!

Best Dance Knee Pads – Reviews

The Best Knee Pads for Dancers Overall: Gel Knee Pads by Capezio

Gel Knee Pads.

Recommended 98%

The Capezio Gel Knee Pads are the perfect choice for dance and a great way to add extra protection to your knees. They provide both comfort and protection while dancing. They are great for tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop lyrical, and modern dancers because of their lightweight design. They are made of bamboo knit fabric and contoured silicone pads. The gel padding is comfortable and provides support to your knees when you need it most. The slip-on style makes these easy to put on and take off quickly so you can get back to dancing! These knee pads will stay in place during your performance or rehearsal thanks to that they are a pull on your leg.

The Capezio Gel Knee Pads for dance are a great choice for dancers who want the support of knee pads but don’t want to wear something bulky. Lightweight and form-fitting to reduce weight for smoother, faster moves. Also, the elastic band keeps them in place while you dance. Available in nude that is less visible for performances but it would be great if the manufacturer added black to the sale as well. It can be hand washed for easy care. These are very thin gel kneepads, so we wouldn’t recommend them for high-impact sports or anything too hard on the knees.

  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • Great protection
  • Durable
  • Without restricting dance movements
  • Almost invisible
  • There are no other colors

The Best Knee Pads for Pole Dancing: Queen Wear – Sleek Black Grip

Queen Wear – Sleek Black Grip.

Recommended 97%

If you are a pole dancer, modern dancer, or twerk girl and looking for knee pads that will not slide up when you dance but at the same time provide a secure grip on the dance pole then Queen Wear Knee Pads is your best choice.

The Queen Wear Knee Pads have been designed to fit perfectly without being too tight with no slide up when dancing. These knee pads are great for any kind of dance, but these are the best knee pads for women who love to dance on the pole.

They are made of high-quality material that will help you feel comfortable and safe when you do your exercise routines. They work well with all types of clothing and they fit very well without sliding up or down during your workout. The queen wear knee pads that come in a slim and flexible design which makes it easy to pole dance and has long durability. By the way, the silicone layer withstands intensive use and does not rub off.

The unique design of ventilation zones in the knee area allows air to circulate freely around your knees keeping them cool and dry even during long hours of training. In addition, they look very stylish! And last but not least, the price is affordable! Highly recommend this product!

A huge assortment of colors and designs of pole dance knee pads with grip by Queen Wear can be found here. The line includes black, nude (different shades), pink, red, brown, and printed knee pads.

  • Best for pole dancing
  • High level of grip on the pole
  • Uses breathable materials
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight and thin enough to dance in
  • Not as thin as some dancer knee pads
  • Price is a little higher than average

Best Value: HUEGLO Protective Knee Pads

HUEGLO Protective Knee Pads.

Recommended 95%

HUEGLO is a professional protective knee pads manufacturer in China, they have a factory to produce all kinds of knee pads for the best prices and good quality. These knee pads are great for dances that require a high amount of movements, such as modern dance or b-boying.

Hueglo Protective made of thick Neoprene material, with ultra-cushion foam, will help you to kneel in comfort on any surface such as parquet, laminate, lino, or tile and the soft rubber provides you with a good grip. Expanded polyethylene effectively reduces pain during a collision and provides the softest protection for your knees.

The breathable and lightweight knee pads are comfortable for extended use and can be folded up easily for storage. They have an elastic band that provides a custom fit for maximum comfort and protection. And they have a foldable line on knee pads which means they will stay in place to protect your knees when you bend your knee.

These pads are velcro-covered, so they are easy to take off and put on at the knee in between dances. This is especially true if you dance with any shoes on because then you don’t have to take off your shoes to take off or put on your knee pads. Plus, they have a great price – these are some of the cheapest in this review.

The downside is that the silicone inner layer causes allergic reactions for some users.

  • Easy to take off and put on
  • Made of durable and sturdy materials
  • The softest protection for your knees
  • No rolling down or binding effect
  • Affordable price
  • Causes allergic skin reactions in some people

Best for sport dance: DNM Knee Pads

DNM Knee Pads.

Recommended 94%

Basic Kneepads from DNM Store are a great choice for contemporary, ballet, jazz, and modern dancers whether you’re a beginner or a professional. These knee pads will help protect your knees when you practice on the floor.

These stretch kneepads offer medium protection and fit snugly but not too tight. The pads have a little padding to help when working on the floor. It is medium protection so you can still bend your knees without restricting movement.

The medium size is ideal for most dancers, but these kneepads come in five different sizes so you can choose the one that fits best.

They are comfortable, stable as they stay in place while dancing and protect the knees well. Because they are thin and not bulky enough, but still effectively protect your knees, these knee pads for dancing are ideal.

  • The perfect combination of subtle but effective protection
  • 5 different sizes
  • Without rolling up and down
  • Not bulky
  • Affordable price
  • They can loosen over time, but not too much
  • Only black knee pads are available

JMOKA Non-Slip Knee Brace

JMOKA Non-Slip Knee Brace Soft Knee Pads.

Recommended 94%

The elastic JMOKA knee support is designed to provide the right amount of compression and support for your knees. It is equipped with a thickened anti-collision sponge pad for maximum protection. The material is soft and elastic enough to provide you with a comfortable wearing experience. The padding on the inside feels nice against the skin, not too thick or thin. It looks good, not too bulky and it is very comfortable.

But besides the function of protection when a dancer is falling on the knees, it provides compression, improves blood circulation, and keeps your joints healthy. The elastic cuff keeps the knee sleeves from rolling up or down, without digging into your skin and offering you 360° protection for your knees. The material of this knee sleeve is elastic and breathable. It can wick away moisture from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your dance training. So you can wear this for several hours at a time with no discomfort whatsoever.

It’s suitable for both men and women because of its unisex design. Besides black, there are also pink knee pads. These may not be the strongest and most durable kneepads on the market, but this is a very good purchase for the money!

  • Thickened anti-collision sponge pad
  • Super Lightweight
  • Elastic and comfortable
  • Without digging into the skin and rolling up and down
  • Worth the money
  • Bulkier than other dance knee pads
  • Sometimes they do not withstand very intensive use

Kunto Fitness Knee Brace

Kunto Fitness Knee Brace.

Recommended 94%

The Kunto Fitness Knee Brace is a great knee brace for running but these kneepads also are the good knee support for dancers who needs effective knee pain relief and support. Kunto Fitness Knee Brace is one of the most comfortable, breathable, and a lightweight knee brace on the market.

The Kunto brace is a premium support brace that provides the best knee support for those who are suffering from injuries such as cartilage tears, meniscus tears, ligament sprains, or strains. The neoprene material used in this brace allows for maximum comfort and breathability while providing the compression needed to relieve pain.

The Kunto Brace is available in four sizes. Each size offers a different level of compression based on your needs. Also, Kunto Knee Brace is designed for comfort and has no restrictive feeling while wearing it so you can still move freely without any problems. It is what all dancers are looking for. When properly sized, it doesn’t roll or shift down or up around the knee. Not restrictive!

A kind of disadvantage is that the set comes with only 1 kneepad. Note also that they are not designed to protect against injuries from falls and landings on the knees, because there is no protective cushion.

Not satisfied? No problem, you’re covered by the manufacturer’s 100% money-back guarantee. So the Kunto Fitness Knee Brace is designed to provide you with the highest level of support and protection without restricting your mobility.

  • Provides support to weak or injured knees
  • Compression properties relieve pain
  • Helps with arthritis, tendonitis, ligament sprains
  • Not restrictive
  • The set comes with only 1 kneepad
  • Does not have a protective cushion

How to Choose Dance Knee Pad? – Buying Guide

Dancers need some good-quality kneepads for several reasons, but the base is safe. Pain syndrome, meniscus tears, anterior cruciate ligament tears, and many other serious knee problems can develop as a result of trauma and too much exercise on the knee. Knees pain can be extremely painful and it can really hinder your ability to dance. One of the most common injuries among dancers (and athletes generally) is a meniscus tear.

Several studies have found that one in three dancers will have experienced knee pain during their dance career, so it’s essential every dancer knows the best way to prevent this injury from occurring. Knee pads are especially important for dance students. Many dancers choose not to wear kneepads in class because they can get hot and sweaty under the padding, it could be not as comfortable as dancing without knee pads and there are other whatever reasons. But the health of the dancer’s body is essential.

So understanding the importance and necessity of using knee pads, you will look for the best knee pads for dancing if you don’t already own a pair. In order to choose, you need to understand just a few criteria for how to choose.

Dance knee pads provide extra cushioning to relieve pressure on the joints and tendons. Pro dance knee pads come at many different shapes, sizes, colors, styles, materials, thicknesses, and prices. Some dancers prefer a lightweight pad that’s easy to move around in while others may need heavier-duty support with more padding for their specific dancing style. The right pad will depend on your budget as well as what’s most comfortable for you personally.


First of all, you need to pay attention to their size. There is a real risk of injury if these kneepads do not fit you. Measure your knee before you buy them. There are four different measurements from size 1 to 4.

Pole dancing knee pads

Pole knee pads are specifically designed to protect your knees while you are practicing pole dancing. They are a little different from the usual knee pads for dancing. There is an additional requirement for pole dance knee pads to provide grip on the dance pole. This is achieved by applying a special silicone coating to the surface of the kneecap.

If you choose the wrong kneepads, they may slide while you dance or just not provide the necessary support when you are doing required grip tricks.


The main role of kneepads is to protect your knees from injuries (especially when you fall). You need to choose kneepads with durable materials, but not heavy or thick. These materials must have the ability to “breath”. Dance knee pads made of rubber or leather can provide support and comfort, but they are too thick and hot for practice. Some dancers prefer to choose accessories made of natural and semi-natural materials, which are breathable. But they are not durable in use, quickly deformed, need frequent replacement. Knee pads made of Lycra, neoprene, nylon also let air in and wick away moisture, but are also more durable than cotton.


Pay attention to the elasticity of the knee pads. If it is too loose or small, you may have a problem while dancing and it won’t provide good protection for you. Dancing is freedom of movement. So, the best option would be elastic knee pads, which allow you to devote yourself to the movement without stiffness. Also, these accessories should fit snugly against the skin.


The aesthetic qualities of dance knee pads are no less important than the protective ones. Some dancers may not care much about the looks of their knee pads as long as they protect them, but you can also take this into consideration. Usually, dancers choose practical black knee pads for training and discreet flesh-colored ones for performance.

Protective pad

Dancers often prefer to use knee pads with a non-thick and neat cushion because it can significantly hinder movement and look quite bulky and unaesthetic. However, if your exercise often requires you to land on your knees, choose kneepads with padding. This model will be more effective and will prevent unwanted and unpleasant feelings after performing the elements. There are also models with removable cushions.

Materials for the production of protective pads can be polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, PVC foam, XPS foam, nylon foam, and neoprene foam.

Good quality knee pads take the shape of the knee after 2-3 training sessions. The protective center of the cushion is usually lowered downward because the main impact from landings on the knees falls precisely on this area.

Final words

In conclusion, if you’re a professional dancer looking for the best knee pads to protect yourself from injury and pain, we recommend Capezio Gel Knee Pads. This premium support knee pad provides the highest level of protection without restricting your mobility.

The gel pad used in these pads allows for maximum comfort and breathability while providing the safety needed for your knees. They are available in four sizes so they fit perfectly around your knees without any restrictive feeling! We hope that our review has helped you find the perfect dance knee pad set for you! Knowing how to care for all your body parts is key for keeping yourself healthy and ready to dance!