Best Dance Pole for Home Use

Best Dance Pole for Home Use for 2023

Emma Bolton

How to choose best dance pole for home use

When it comes to selecting the best pole for home use, it's important to consider factors such as grip, rotation, and stability. A high-quality pole will ensure a smooth and secure experience, whether you're using it for pole sports or exotic dancing. To help you make an informed decision, we've tested and reviewed some of the best poles on the market. We've chosen a top pick for a universal, non-slip pole dance kit that's suitable for a variety of purposes. Our review will provide all the information you need to make the best choice for your home.

The best pole dancing portable pole: XPERT Pro(PX) 2021

x pole xpert pro (px) 2021 model the best pole dancing portable pole.
Recommended 98%

X-pole is an ideal pole for home and professional studios and bars. It can be easily removed and transported with the help of a special carry bag, making it a convenient choice for those who need a pole that can be easily moved between locations.

The X-Pole is high quality, thanks to a leading manufacturer, Vertical Leisure. A British company that specializes in creating portable dance poles, Vertical Leisure ensures that every X-Pole is designed with the requirements of professional dancers in mind. You can trust that this pole is built to last and meet the needs of even the most demanding users.

One of the standout features of this pole is the ability to customize it to fit your specific needs. You can choose from various colors, coatings, heights, and diameters to ensure that the pole is exactly what you're looking for. This level of customization sets this pole apart from others on the market.

  • You can choose between steel, gold, black, pink and white poles.
  • This pole is available in several different colors, each made with a specific type of material. Standard silver poles are made of steel, while gold poles are made of brass. Colored poles are created using powder coating. No plastic is used in the construction of this high-quality pole.
  • The standard X-Pole USA pole kit is designed for ANY ceiling height from 7' 6" to 9' 1″. It can be extended with additional tubes to any height within the maximum design up to 11' 10".
  • X-Pole is produced in two diameters: 40 and 45 mm.

The pole is 100% securely attached. It is very well fixed due to the large diameter of the upper and lower plate. These plates prevent the pole falling to the side during training. This is super important for removable poles, so you can safely practice and have confidence when on the pole.

It is installed and disassembled in 5-10 minutes. The pole is mounted and adjusted at the bottom, so you do not need a stepladder or even a chair to install the pole.

Pole Installation

  • Available in five colors
  • Smooth and Unique tube Joint system
  • Improved hinge and bearing systems for better spinning
  • Easy to store and transport
  • The tallest pole for home use (with additional equipment)
  • Different diameters to choose from
  • Easily to switch from static to spinning with X-LOCK mechanism
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable

Best Choice for both beginners and professionals(Generation 2)Lupit Classic G2

Best Choice for both beginners and professionals Lupit Classic G2 Generation 2.
Recommended 96%

These are poles to achieve your physical goals while feeling 100% safe. Despite consisting of multi-pieces for the utmost portability, they are also professional quality.

The manufacturer of this pole offers two different diameters to choose from: 42mm and 45mm. The pole is designed to be held in place using a strut/jack system, meaning it does not need to be fixed to the floor or ceiling and should not leave any marks. Installation is quick and easy, and can be done without the need for any additional help. The necessary hex keys, both large and small, are included in the kit. The small key is used to install and secure the folding pole, while the large key is used to switch between modes. Changing modes is simple, requiring only a few turns of the key. The entire kit weighs approximately 35 pounds.

The top and bottom domes of Lupit poles have a soft silicone lining around the bases, which prevents damage to both the floor and ceiling.

NOTE: Extensions must be bought separately; they are not included in the basic kit. The basic kit is available for ceilings up to 9ft 2in high - which is enough for most people.

The pole material is stainless steel coated in chrome. Even though many manufacturers usually first apply a nickel layer of chrome to the stainless steel, this product does not contain nickel.

Why is this good?

During use (no matter how high-quality the chrome pole is), the upper chrome layer tends to get erased or scratched, in turn, exposing nickel plating. This material can be absorbed by the skin, possibly causing allergic reactions, dermatitis, and redness. In particular instances, this can make pole dancers really unwell! The absence of nickel and the presence of a chrome layer prevents allergic reactions and is safe for your skin and health while maintaining the right stickiness and grip.

  • 100% nickel free
  • Smooth and Unique tube Joint system
  • Improved hinge and bearing systems for better spinning
  • Tall pole for home (with additional equipment)
  • Different diameters to choose from
  • The smallest base dome that does not interfere with movement
  • Easy to adjust, user-friendly and durable
  • Available in two colors: silver and black (powder-coated)
  • A slight movement on the statics

Professional Stripper Pole YAHEETECH

YAHEETECH Professional Stripper Pole.
Recommended 95%

A nice quality multi-piece pole, suitable for both beginners and professionals for practicing at home. It is stable, has two modes, and switches from static to dynamic (and back) with a few turns of the hex key. It has a pleasant silver luster. The swivel base and the angular stability lock help stabilize the pole on uneven surfaces.

It can be slightly challenging to install. You will need to figure out where the parts should be located and in which order they must be assembled (the kit’s instructions will help you). However, doing it for the first time should not take more than 15-20 minutes.

  • Budget-friendly option
  • The complete kit includes everything you need for installation and adjustment
  • High level of maximum permissible weight
  • Adjustable height
  • Minimal warranty agreement
  • Some buyers have reported manufacturing defects
  • A slight movement on the statics

Maximum Value MegaBrand Spinning Dancing Pole

MegaBrand Spinning Dancing Pole – Maximum Value.
Recommended 95%

A multi-piece pole with adjustable height supplied with all necessary attachments for different ceiling heights. Items come well packed in compact and individual protected tube packages. This makes it easy to hide in case you have guests or merely need more space in the room.

It takes 10-15 minutes to install, but it is easy to install on uneven floors thanks to a swivel base. The surface is relatively smooth, so even though the pole does not provide the best grip, it is overall stable and sticky. It is an excellent value for your money at the budget end of the reviewed products.

  • High level of maximum weight capability
  • Most choice
  • Low price
  • Smooth and long spinning time
  • Minimal warranty agreement
  • Installation may be more time consuming
  • A slight movement on the statics

Professional Portable Spinning Stripping Pole for Home Pro-Fit 50mm

Pro-Fit 50mm Professional Portable Spinning Stripping Pole for Home.
Recommended 94%

The best solution for those who prefer a 50 mm pole thickness. This is a chrome-plated steel tube supplied with a handy carrying bag and LED lighting (which can be used for parties). Everything you need to install and adjust the pole in your home is included, making it the most complete and equipped pole dance kit for home use.

The manufacturer guarantees a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. Therefore, this pole is not adequate for some individuals; it ceases being safe. Additionally, the upper dome is rather small in diameter, which means that it is not as safe without fastening as other products in this review.

  • Complete training and fun kit
  • Adjustable height
  • One of the few manufacturers that produce 50mm diameter poles
  • Easy to store in the bag
  • Relatively low weight capability
  • Small top dome diameter

Best Gold Pole for Home Use BEAMNOVA Strip Pole Dance Pole

BEAMNOVA Strip Pole Dance Pole – Best Gold Pole for Home Use.
Recommended 94%

This is the best of the few gold-colored poles on the market. The quality metal coating, which does not wear off over time, is slip-resistant enough for pleasurable home training on a beautiful gold pole. It looks stunning in the house and shines brightly.

The kit provides a mounting set and several different length pieces from which to choose to assemble to the height of your ceiling. It is not difficult to install, and the domes have silicone pads to protect your floor and ceiling from damage.

  • Golden color
  • Good grip
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Slightly more expensive than its silver equivalents
  • Unconfirmed Warranty

Cheap Home Stripping Pole AW Static Dancing Pole

AW Static Dancing Pole – Cheap Home Stripping Pole.
Recommended 92%

AW is the best choice for those on a budget who do not need a spinning pole. It is an affordable, static pole, which is installed without fasteners or drilling. It consists of several folding parts available in three colors: silver, pink and purple. The kit includes a set for installation, a DVD instruction, and a handy carrying bag.

This pole is only suitable if you need a static mode, have low ceilings, and do not want a more premium pole. It is not designed for climbing and advanced tricks. The execution of acrobatic tricks can be unsafe. Therefore, you can only dance around it.

  • Lowest price
  • Different colors in stock
  • Complete with a bag
  • Only one mode
  • Short
  • You may have to screw it to the ceiling
  • For beginners only

Buyer's Guide


Depending on where you intend to use the stripper pole (studio, home, or bar), choose the number of modes you need. Professionals almost always choose 2in1, i.e., a two-mode pole with switchable modes. With a special key or another mechanism, the pole can be easily switched from static to spinning mode.

The most common practice for home pole dancing is pole without fastening, with installation in the strut. If your ceiling is above 8ft 6in, we recommend fastening the dynamic pole to the ceiling (and the floor, too, if possible). Certainly, dance studios need a double-mode pole for training various acrobatic elements and dances but bars, strip clubs, and other entertainment places are more likely to have single-mode static poles.

Material and polishing

Stripper poles are made and plated with different metals: brass, chrome, stainless steel, copper, titanium, etc. The surface material of the tube has a strong effect on the grip against the skin. Chrome-plated poles are statistically the most purchased in the world; it is regarded as a standard that gives the best value for money.

It has its features and limitations. We do not recommend these poles if you practice in a wet room and the surface of the pole is constantly damp (even if slightly), or your hands sweat heavily. The reason for this is that its characteristics are similar to those of the titanium coating.

The best and most universal is a stainless steel pole with a mirror-polished finish. This material provides a good grip on the skin and slides relatively comfortably (for example, to perform various spins on a static mode). Stainless steel pipes are not affected by corrosion and rust as might happen to poles made of ordinary steel in very damp rooms, such as when installed in the sauna or near the pool. This material is also excellent for those who sweat heavily. Stainless steel is also recommended for those who suffer from allergies.

Mirror polishing creates micro grooves on the surface that are invisible to the eye and effectively removes moisture. This is very important because it further increases grip against the skin. Additionally, the chance of burning the skin is reduced to a minimum in case of drops and falls. And the big plus of stainless steel poles is that there is no additional coating that can peel off or tear off over time.

Powder enamel

Powder enamel (usually used to give an unusual pole color) must be very smooth. This is the only way to achieve a sticky effect because the enamel coating has a much stronger grip against the skin than stainless steel or chrome. On the one hand, this is a significant advantage, but on the other hand, if you use breaks, you can severely harm the skin, leaving a burn. Another drawback is that enamel has a tendency to wear away, so if you forget to remove your rings before training, there is a risk of quite large scratches. Thus, poles with enamel coating are not for everyone, but you should try exercising on such equipment if you are a fan of strength elements and statics.

The greatest grip, however, is the silicone coating or so-called Chinese Pole. But it is designed not so much for dancing as for acrobatics.


that you will most often need good products for grip on the pole, even with the highest level of grip.

Diameter and thickness

Poles with a diameter of 42-45 mm are considered the most optimal. But there are also poles with a diameter of 38mm or 50mm.

Metal thickness is also important. It should be at least 2mm if the pole is up to 8ft 2in - 8ft 6in (the most common height of ceilings). This means you can use a 2mm pipe for the home to avoid overpaying for the extra pipe thickness and worrying about extra weight when installing-dismounting. The pipe size of 3-4mm will be good for higher poles; the pole has to be thick enough to withstand the weight and loads. Also, such poles do not heat up so quickly and slide less. Poles above 13ft 1in should be made of a pipe with metal thickness starting from 5mm or reinforced by another pipe located inside the main.


Poles differ in height, with the average being 11ft 5in for dance studios and 8ft 6in - for home. This height does not require any additional reinforcement. However, poles currently used for major competitions have a height of 13ft and more. To ensure safe dancing, you must use an enhanced version of the installation; this is done by inserting a pipe with a smaller diameter inside the main pipe and freezing the space between them. Such poles are heavier and more expensive. When it comes to buying a pole for your home or in a dance studio with ceilings up to 11ft 5in, you merely need to decide on the desired height. To do this, we have described below how to measure the ceiling’s height to install a pole. In addition, most of the house poles available on the market are available with a release mechanism that allows you to adjust the height up to 1ft 5in.


First of all, the pole’s weight indicates what it is made of, and therefore it’s quality. If the Chinese pseudo pole’s weight is about 17 lb, it is made of plastic or a very thin layer of steel (most probably, it’s made of tin). Professional equipment should be made of quality steel while still being easily carried or transported from one place of installation to another. Poles usually weigh around 33-40 lb, depending on height, number of modes, and material.


The classic pole color is silver. It is the most common and low-cost choice, which, besides, usually provides a good grip. But if aesthetics and design are important for you, pay attention to the beautiful black, gold, pink, and even blue poles. When choosing a color, be aware of the color’s material; this determines the tenacity. For example, the copper coating’s soft texture on top of steel gives maximum adhesion, and palms almost do not slide on it (some do not even need grips when working on copper poles). A copper-coated pole has a gold-like tint. While the titanium plating also gives a golden color to the pole, it has less stickiness and is less tenacious to the skin. A detailed overview of the materials is given above.


According to the installation method, the poles can be stationary, removable, half-removable, and portable. Stationary poles are fixed to two points, meaning you will need to drill holes in the floor and ceiling. Removable poles are equipped with a special release mechanism to allow you to install the pole in the spreader. The main thing is to make sure that the pipe stands strictly upright; otherwise, performing a trick on such a pole can be unsafe. It is better to use a removable pole with a large diameter upper dome. Thus, half-removable poles are attached only to the ceiling, whereas portable ones are poles with a special podium that can even be used on the street.

Smooth spinning

Dynamic spinning must be smooth and uninterrupted. Please take note of this feature when purchasing.

Diameter and height of the domes

The removable pole should be chosen with large domes, e.g., 230mm in diameter. It increases the contact area with the ceiling and minimizes the risk of the pole slipping. The domes should have a rubber gasket to protect the floor and ceiling from scratches. When it comes to the fixed pole, it is essential that the lower dome does not interfere with your dance, so it is better if it’s short and has a small diameter.

Mode Switch

The classic mode switch from static to dynamic is the lock. With a special key and two or three turns, the mode can be easily switched. Before making a purchase, check whether the pole is equipped with a suitable key. There are also models with a simplified key switch version, where the mode can be switched by lightly turning the tube at the bottom of the pole. However, you should think about the reliability and durability of this mechanism. The first variant is more reliable and time-tested.


Buying a pole can be quite serious and challenging. Besides, it must be 100% reliable and the safest thing to buy. Be sure to consider the manufacturer’s warranty period. Usually, it is between 30 days and 1 year.


If you need to regularly carry the pole, it is better to buy a multi-piece foldable that comes complete with a handy bag. So when disassembled, the pole will be much easier to transport. By its characteristics, a removable pole is almost no different from a single piece. When assembled, all the pole parts are tightly pressed together, forming a smooth joint, practically imperceptible to the eye and the touch. All parts are interchangeable. With the multi-piece removable pole, you can train anywhere, change the pole’s height using different length parts, quickly assemble and install it if necessary.

How to correctly measure the height of a pole?

To measure the exact height of the ceiling, you will need:

  • a measuring tape (or laser);
  • a stepladder or chair (so that you can reach the ceiling with your hand freely).

Found it? Let's measure!


You cannot measure the height against the wall; the room’s ceiling may be uneven in particular areas.

  1. Determine the exact location of the pole (better to determine it with the minimum recommended distances for comfortable training: statics - at least 1.5 meters to the walls and furniture, and at least 2 meters to the other poles; spinning - at least 1.8 meters to the walls and furniture, and at least 2.3 meters to the other poles).
  2. Ensure that the floor and ceiling are appropriate according to all installation requirements of the removable or stationary pole. This includes a strong floor and ceiling (concrete base with a dense coating or strong frame bases made of metal and wooden slabs) that does not significantly bend or wobble under load.
  3. Mark the place of the pole on the floor with chalk or some object.
  4. Place a chair or stepladder next to this place.
  5. Now, you will need an assistant: one person stands on a stepladder and holds a roulette at a point on the ceiling, while the second person stands on the floor and pulls it out to the point marked on the floor. For better accuracy, make height measurements in millimeters. For example, for a height of 2m 75cm5mm, you can write it down as 2755 mm.


To sum up, if you want to engage in Pole Dance seriously, you should ideally invest in one of the more premium, quality recommendations. Choose a good quality pole because your skill and safety can depend on it. The opportunity to train as much as possible without applying too much grip on your palm is worth spending a few more dollars. This way, you will even save on anti-slip money in the future!

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