Pole Dancing for Kids???? There’s a lot of benefits, handled correctly

Can kids do pole dance? Absolutely! There are many reasons why a child might want to do pole as there’s so many benefits to pole dancing. Pole dancing is all about strength, flexibility, and technique – children have the endurance of a horse and lots of energy, they’re flexible and they’re often great at doing things that look really cool but involve skill as well as style. There is no age limit on pole dancing, and there’s really nothing that a child couldn’t physically do that an adult can do on a dance pole. There are some children who might want to take classes with adults initially so they have someone serving as a role model. The reasons why kids might want to do pole dances are just as diverse as the adult reasons.

However, we know what many of you are obviously thinking, if you haven’t been involved in the sport before – is Pole Dance appropriate for kids? The short answer is yes, it isn appropriate for kids. However, you have to be careful about how it’s presented to children, and parents have to be really comfortable with what their child is doing – we’re obviously talking about the athletic ‘pole sport’ elements here and not the ‘exotic’ obviously and one does not need to lead to the other – they are very different.

Of course, no one should ever pressure a child to take pole class or pressure them to succeed in pole dancing. If a child declares this is something they are interested in doing, let the child have fun and enjoy what they’re doing at their level, in the right, appropriate class setting – they do exist in many towns and cities.  Let’s find out more about what’s on offer.

Group of pole dancers of all ages
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Benefits of Pole Dancing Classes for Kids

Developing a healthy and strong body

Kids are just as capable of learning pole tricks if their bodies are developed enough. There’s really no minimum age requirement to start doing tricks at all. Not everyone is able to stick ‘inversions’, but inversions are not required for anyone to be successful in pole fitness classes at the beginning. Many young pole dancers start out with traditional basic beginners moves and tricks as a ‘bird’ and ‘basic plank’. As they develop more strength, children are able to learn moves that are traditionally seen in adult classes, but at their own pace.

Another great positive side of pole for kids is the focus on fitness that you find in most pole studios. It’s usually not too hard for an instructor to create a class tailored to children’s abilities, but even if there are elements of the class that the kids can’t do, they will still be participating in something that requires them to focus on their breathing, coordination, and other skills that are great for them. The fitness benefits of pole classes for kids should not be underestimated – it’s one of the best things you can do to help your child grow and develop into healthy and strong individuals

Pole classes help you to look good

One of the things that makes pole fitness such a good activity for kids is that, contrary to popular belief, it’s really not about appearance. Even if you’re trying to look good while you pole, part of the reason you’re doing it is so you can improve your strength, coordination, and endurance. You don’t have to care about how you look in the mirror to do pole – just like adults, kids can participate in pole purely for the sake of their health and well-being. The fact that the pole classes help you to look good is an additional bonus!

Child socialization

The social aspect of taking classes with other kids is another great benefit for kids who are interested in pole fitness. There are many studios that have after-school classes just for kids, and it can be a lot of fun to go into the studio with friends. Your child will get the chance to meet other children who are enthusiastic about pole, which is always better than having to take classes alone. They’ll be able to learn from each other, push themselves, and have a great time. Pole is an activity that demands body awareness, balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Because of the high degree of physicality involved in learning pole tricks, it is not often recommended for people with certain kinds or levels of health issues. It is, however, highly recommended for children as an excellent way to develop their minds-bodies in relation to themselves, others, the world – everything.

It is an internationally recognized official sport

The biggest argument against pole being appropriate for kids is that it seems exploitative of girls’ bodies. Society has conditioned us through history to think there’s something wrong with a young girl displaying her body. Pole dancing may seem like it carries some of that risk for girls who haven’t experienced pole dancing yet, but it really doesn’t have to. When you take classes at a studio with instructors and other students who are being safe, responsible, and respectful, you can rest assured that your child is not being put at risk. Not many pole dancers, in reality, work as strip dancers. When gymnasts perform in short and open costumes, you don’t have any associations with striptease, do you? The same goes for pole dancers and pole kids too.

Remember that pole dancing classes are a sport like many others. Today, there are several international pole sport federations that bring together pole athletes from around the world. But what is even more important against this argument, pole sport has every chance to one day become a discipline of the Olympic Games. It is noteworthy that in pole sports there are both women’s and men’s categories. And recently a special pole acrobatics department for people with special needs appeared within the International Pole Sports Federation. Pole dancing development is in full swing!

Pole Sports as Exercise

One of the biggest benefits of pole dancing is that it can be enjoyed by people of all different fitness levels. While instructors may provide options for those who are looking to really push themselves, they will also provide modifications so that anyone can participate regardless of their physical abilities or limitations. Pole fitness classes are generally strength-based, which makes them great for burning calories and strengthening the heart. This makes it perfect for children who are looking to lose weight or have a fun, active way to spend their free time. When your child is able to participate in something that they enjoy without being competitive, they are more likely to stick with it and reap the benefits of pole dance.

Improving self-esteem

Providing your child with the opportunity to learn pole dancing can be a fun way to help them build their self-esteem. While the physical benefits are certainly important, it’s also possible for kids to really benefit from feeling more comfortable with their own bodies and learning to love themselves for who they are.

Pole Dance as Performance Art

One of the best things about taking a pole dance class is that there is an opportunity to perform your skills at the stage, small or big wherever. Although your child may not be interested in performing for an audience at their first lesson, they can work on increasing their strength and flexibility over time until they feel comfortable taking the stage.

Even aside from performing, many studios will have special nights where the instructors showcase their favorite moves while dressed up in costume. Children are often welcome to join in these shows as well, and it’s a great way for them to feel included and experience what pole dance is like for others.

Besides being a sport, it is also a very beautiful kind of dance. Many elements are performed gracefully and plastically, which requires certain dancing skills from the performer. Any other sports do not offer such an advantage.

Pole Fitness as a Great Hobby

When it comes down to it, pole dance can really be anything you make of it. While adults may have different reasons for taking a pole fitness class, children are usually looking to have fun. If your child is interested in performing or learning some of the more advanced floor moves, this can be an amazing opportunity for them; they might even make new friends who share their interests! However, it’s important to remember that not all studios will offer junior classes, so if your child is only interested in the beginning moves, you may need to look elsewhere.

Getting Started

As with any activity that has the potential to be dangerous (such as horseback riding or rhythmic gymnastics), it’s important to always supervise kids who are taking a pole dance class for the first time. While they will probably be more protected than adults due to safety regulations, it’s still important to take precautions in order to keep your child safe.

If you want to start your child out on a pole specifically, it’s important to take them to a studio that has instructors who know how to teach kids.

When your child takes their first pole dancing class, it’s important to keep in mind that it might not be what they expect. While they may be excited about being able to climb up on the pole, don’t forget that it’s important to let them know what’s appropriate behavior.

How old do you have to be to pole dance?

It is best to start practicing at age five. This is the most appropriate age, which coaches advise. But if your kid goes later, then there is nothing wrong. Here the concept of age is very extensible, and in the competitions in pole dance people participate, even in the category of 35+.

Aerial Fitness Classes for Kids

Another way to develop a healthy body for your child is aerial fitness activities if you are afraid of any social stereotypical prejudices and want to protect the child from them. This sport is also required to develop flexibility and strength but not linked in association with strip clubs. So aerial classes as a pole fitness can be a wonderful opportunity for children to build their minds-bodies, as well as providing them with an excellent cardiovascular workout. They allow kids to play with gravity in a way that’s safe and fun. If you’re looking for a sport that will help your child develop strength and coordination without putting too much pressure on their growing bones, aerial classes are an excellent choice.

One of the biggest benefits of taking aerial fitness is that it’s fun for all involved. While adults may take pole dance as a form of serious exercise or performance art, kids are generally just interested in having fun. Aerial classes allow them to play with gravity and their own strength in a fun and exciting way that they can feel great about.

Aerial arts is a relatively new art form, and many studios are still learning what works best for children. It’s important to speak with the instructor before enrolling your child in any classes to make sure that their level of fitness will be appropriate, you will both understand the goals for the class and how to accomplish them, and that you can communicate any issues or problems. If your child is already incredibly physically fit, the instructor may be able to provide more challenging options for them so they don’t get bored and lose interest.

Bottom Line

Pole dance is a highly performative, dynamic activity. It requires immense strength and flexibility to maintain balance, complete tricks, and train efficiently. If done correctly, it is a rigorous sport that allows people of all ages to shine.

Pole fitness is an activity that can be adapted for children of all ages and strength levels. Whether they are interested in learning how to perform or just want a fun way to get fit, kids can benefit from taking pole dance classes. As long as they feel comfortable and safe, it’s something that can be beneficial for both boys and girls.

One may expect this type of movement to be reserved for adults, but more pole studios are turning towards children as a new source of students while many parents begin to understand the value of such classes and let their kids go to pole dance studios! There are definitely some precautions parents should take to protect their children, like making sure they’re only taking classes with instructors who are responsible and aware, but there’s no reason to think that pole dance is inherently bad or inappropriate for kids. Pole dancing can be a fantastic activity for kids, empowering them to take their bodies seriously and develop them in healthy ways.