Best dance bags for 2023: ranking the best we’ve tested


Emma Bolton

When you go to the dancing class, do you take a lot of things with you? What about when you go to a dance competition? Of course, dancers need a lot of space in their dance bag to accommodate dance shoes, outfits, water bottle and other things. It does not matter whether the dance bag is a daily use or as luggage for competitions, which should have a built-in rack.

The best dance bags are roomy, durable, comfortable, and stylish; some of these bags are with rack. Check out our top 10 choices of dancers backpacks and bags, because they are the best available on the market. All the products offered are tested through experience and time, that is why professional dancers and amateurs choose them.

Best Large Competitions Dance Bags – Wheeled and with Garment Rack

Regular trips to competitions and performances, with tons of costumes, makeup, and other stuff, can wear anyone out. But what about a handy wheeled bag with a garment rack? It will help organize belongings, get ready for performances quickly, change clothes; that is, it will make any of your trips much more comfortable.

EcoGear 28 Inch Wheeled Duffel with Garment Rack

EcoGear 28 Inch Wheeled Duffel with Garment Rack Best for Competitions.

This is an absolute must-have for competitive dancing. Unlike many dance suitcases on the market with built-in racks, this one is very sturdy and stable. Hang all your stuff on the rack to keep them looking sleek, and the rack will stand securely without deflecting sideways (max load of 20 pounds). Plus, it doesn't take long to install the hanger and it's easy to do.

Other features of this duffel are the presence of reflective trim and a place for personal signature, as well as the presence of a large number of compartments and pockets, including shoe compartment.

  • Stable rack
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Affordable price
  • Durable fabric
  • Lots of compartments
  • Not heavy
  • Available in one dark gray color only
  • Only two wheels

Travolution 28" Wheeled Drop-Bottom Duffel

EcoGear 28 Inch Wheeled Duffel with Garment Rack Best for Competitions.

The Travolution rolling dance bag also offers a wheeled travel suitcase with a built-in rack, which is ideal for trips to dance competitions and gigs. However, it can be used for vacations and travels as well. It is good precisely because it is sturdy and reliable, the hanger is also very stable.

The dance suitcase is not heavy at all. It is made of sturdy fabric. No problems with sagging, tilting, or overturning. The rack is assembled quickly and easily, so you don't have to spend time on it. There are many convenient compartments inside this suitcase that make it easy to stay organized with a lot of stuff.

This suitcase is slightly more expensive than the previous one, but it is still in the affordable category and much cheaper than its other counterparts (some of which have even worse quality).

  • Stable rack
  • Convenient bottom hinged compartment
  • Solid wheels
  • Durable fabric
  • Lots of compartments
  • Lightweight
  • Available with pink trim
  • Only two wheels
  • The main color is dark gray

Mavii Costume Rack Carry – Best Price for dance bag with rack

Mavii Costume Rack Carry-On Luggage.

If you are looking for a small size suitcase or for a child, this would be your best choice. The Mavii bag is a more compact model that has a built-in rack. That said, it is lighter than the previous two and smaller by a few inches. Although it is an inch taller than the allowed carry-on luggage on most airlines, in most cases, it is suitable as carry-on luggage to take with you into the cabin.

It's worth noting that the color of this dance bag both inside and out is much nicer than just the dark gray of the previous two. The fabric is very strong. This suitcase has hard walls in the main largest compartment. There are additional compartments on the outside as well as on the flip side inside; there is room to fold shoes separately.

Four wheels are very maneuverable and stable. The rack installs very easily, in a couple of minutes. It is made of aluminum.

By the way, Mavii dance bags were created by the dancer sisters, who designed the product specifically for the dancers' comfort.

  • Size suitable for hand luggage on planes
  • Stable rack
  • 4 stable and secure wheels
  • Rugged premium fabric with security trim
  • Best price
  • Lots of compartments
  • Lightweight
  • Only two wheels

Backstage Dance Travel Bag

Backstage Dance Travel Bag.

Looking for the roomiest suitcase possible? Here it is!

Maximum roomy dance bag for all of your dance stuff. Many functional additional compartments keep your luggage organized, so you know exactly where everything is, even though there may be a lot of stuff. By the way, one of the outer pockets has a cooling function so you can put snacks and water in it.

The walls of the dance bag are soft, so when you're not using it, the bag is easy to house simply by folding walls inward. The fabric is very durable. One of the advantages of this product is the availability of different colors: the main color is black, and you can choose between pink, purple, blue, and all-black (for edging and interior).

  • Large size
  • Convenient storage bag out of competition period
  • Has insulated pocket for cooling
  • Available in different colors
  • Stable rack
  • Lots of compartments
  • The inside bag has 8 D-rings
  • Only two wheels
  • A little more expensive than others (because of the large size)

Dance Bags for Teens and Adults

An everyday cool bag for dance classes is as important as a comfortable duffel. This is something everyone dancer wears almost every day, so why not buy one that will put you in a great mood? Here are a few of those options.

Capezio Rock Star Duffle Bag – Professional Dance Bag

Capezio Rock Star Duffle Bag.

Certainly, Caprezio is one of the top brands producing dance equipment and supplies. The company produces high-quality and durable bags, which have already become a real quality mark among dancers. This Caprezio dance bag with shoe compartments, high-quality and soft-touch fabrics, sturdy seams is really convenient and highly recommended to buy.

This is an incredibly stylish piece of textured polyester with a glossy company logo on the front. The bag features two padded handles and one long strap.

The most important thing that makes this bag the best is its internal compartments. Inside, there are two folding shelves with hooks to safely and conveniently hold your dance shoes. The bags also include a zippered mesh pocket with a wire port, vents in the shoe compartment, and an interior back pocket. There is also a zippered side pocket and a mesh pocket without a zipper on the outside.

  • Multifunctional compartment
  • Durable fabric and tailoring
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable handles and strap
  • Roomy
  • Perfect size
  • Good for both adults and kids
  • A bit pricey

Custom Name Teen Dance Class Bag

Custom Name Teen Dance Class Bag.

A customizable bag with your own name or other text or pattern on it is the best option for you if you like getting people' attention or want a unique design.

This item is very spacious and big enough to hold a lot of the things you need for your workouts. It is available in different bright colors, and these colors are very trendy. The good quality fabric means that the color will not lose over time. The sewing quality is equally good, so in addition to the unique design, this manufacturer offers really good stuff for not much money.

There are two short handles, as well as a long strap, but unfortunately its' length is not adjustable. There is an external mesh pocket.

  • Customized design
  • Affordable price
  • Available in different colors
  • Large and spacious
  • Sturdy fabric and tailoring
  • Lack of compartments
  • Non-removable strap length is not adjustable

Bloch Dance Unisex Adult Multi - Compartment Tote Bag

Bloch Dance Unisex-Adult Multi-Compartment Tote Bag.

This is a bag by the world-renowned manufacturer of dancewear and accessories, Bloch. This piece consists of three large compartments - two of them with a magnet, the third, the main one, with a zipper. The bright pink lining with dancers' silhouettes makes a difference and thus the plain black nylon bag gets its own twist and originality.

This dance bag will hold everything from your belongings to cosmetics and other things. Good, durable, high quality material ensures that you can carry a ton of stuff in this seemingly small bag. Dance instructors find this one especially useful!

If you are looking for a tote shoulder bag, in a more classic style than previously offered, this is the perfect choice. Especially since Bloch is something that is a symbol of quality. They produce everything exactly what dancers need.

  • Compact looking but very roomy
  • Waterproof
  • Very durable fabric
  • Stylish bright pink lining on the inside
  • Lots of compartments to store different things
  • More classic design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Only available in one color

Dance bags for little girls

Children sometimes lack the motivation to take regularly dance classes. Give them the joy of a new item such as a favorite bag that they will always want to go to dance class with!

Silver Lilly Women’s Dance Bag

Silver Lilly Women’s Bag.

A very cute and merely adorable small dance bag for girls with "Dance" printed on it is just what a little dancer needs. Exclusively for dancers!

This kid's dance bag has room for everything: shoe compartment, outer mesh pocket, outer closed zippered pocket, separate envelope bag with zipper. The main compartment is very spacious, it will hold everything needed. On the bottom on the outside there are rubber "feet" which protect the bottom from abrasion.

The main advantage of this accessory is the design. The product is available in different bright colors like pink as well as in practical black, but with bright pink inserts. Everyone can choose what they like.

  • Bright designs and "Dance" lettering
  • Roomy
  • Durable
  • Long detachable and adjustable strap
  • Shoe compartment and more
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for both girls and boys
  • Unlikely to be a good size for very young children, up to 4 years old

Dance Ballet Slippers Duffel Bag

Dance Ballet Slippers Duffel Bag.

This product is specially designed for little ballerinas. The adorable design with little pointe shoes on the outside immediately tells the whole world, "I'm a ballet star". It''s a great gift for a child, it's super cute!

The girls' ballet bags have only one main compartment, there is no shoe compartment, but there are several small pockets on the outside and inside. It only comes with one non-removable long strap. Kids ages 3-6 will definitely love it!

The patches on the sides of the bag do not cling to clothing, this is a positive. The bag is available in different colors, in addition to pink, there is black with pink accents, hot pink and purple.

  • Super cute thing
  • Perfect for little dancers
  • Cool design
  • Different colors
  • Not waterproof (although the manufacturer claims so)
  • Only one main compartment

Debbieicy Cute Ballet Dance Backpack

Debbieicy Cute Ballet Dance Backpack.

The cutest thing you’ve ever seen! This tutu dress bag is adorable and one of the best dance backpack!

This product fulfills its main function of charming children who receive it as a gift! Especially since the bag comes with a pendant and keychain included.

New product may have an smell, which over time should weatherize. It has a very sturdy fabric and wide straps.

  • A rich perfect pink
  • Pendant included
  • Durable fabric
  • Cheap
  • New product may have an odor

How to Choose a Dance Bag?

A dance bag, whether it is an everyday thing for a training uniform, or a luggage bag for competitions, should be sturdy, comfortable and roomy. Below are a few things to consider when choosing such a bag for dance outfit.

  • Material. Most of the time customers prefer nylon, polyester, and canvas fabrics. Products made of these types of fabrics are strong, resistant to wear and durability - exactly what is needed for a thing the product we do not always handle with care. During the operational period, such a bag will not lose its beautiful and presentable appearance, as well as its bright color and original shape. In addition, nylon, for example, is waterproof, which will ensure the safety of dance wear during bad weather conditions.
  • Size and weight. Depending on the bag's purpose and training type, your product may vary in size. For example, you don't likely need a very large bag for pole dance to hold a tank top, shorts, and magnesium. But the pointe shoes, ballroom dance shoes or sneakers to dance hip-hop, you certainly can not fit into a compact bag. Certainly, the weight of the bag also matters, it's not worth it to be heavier than all your stuff together.
  • Zipper quality. When sewing dance bags, quality and reliable fittings should be used. Products should be equipped with sturdy zippers, molded locks and spinning carabiners that work properly throughout the operational period.
  • Length and material of handles. Dance bags are usually equipped with a shoulder strap that is adjustable in length, as well as two short handles; so it can be carried in the hand, on the shoulder and over the shoulder, which is convenient.
  • Sewing. The tight and even seams mean that the product is made carefully and with attention to detail. Such a piece will last a long time.
  • Design. Often dancers prefer bright, colored designs, although black will be very practical and not as marky as, for example, pink. Everyone chooses according to his or her discretion. Also worth checking out are the designs that let the world know that you're a dancer. These are bags with images of dancers or dance attributes.
  • Shoe section. Ideally, your bag should have different compartments for larger and smaller items, including a compartment for shoes, so that they do not stain your clothes.


What is the best dance bag?

EcoGear Duffel is the best dance bag with a garment rack. Capezio Rock Star is the best dance duffel bag if you are looking for it for daily use.

Where to buy dance bags?

You can check this review and buy one of the reviewed dance bags on Amazon. This you'll find the most popular manufacturers' products.

What every dancer should have in their bag?

  • Dance shoes
  • Dance dresses
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair styling products
  • Dance uniforms
  • Towel
  • Pain ointments and pills
  • Water
  • Snacks

What dance bags do professional ballet dancers use?

Professional ballet dancers use dance bags of these manufacturers:

  • Bloch
  • Capezio
  • Horizon Dance
  • Wear Moi
  • Freed of London

Bottom Line

Dancing is not merely a training, it is a way of life. Active, athletic and intense dancer's lifestyle requires providing comfortable conditions for training and travel. This is the main function and criterion for choosing a good bag for dancer that will accompany you on your way to training or competitions.

A dancer's bag filled with a lot of stuff is an indispensable attribute of his life. We hope that our products in this review will be the same for you.

If you have purchased one of the products described above, write in the comments about it, it is very interesting to know!

As well, what kind of dances do you do? For how long?

Are you planning to tie your life to the art of dance?