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DanceBibles is an online journal with tips for dancers by dancers. Advice, articles, videos & news for dancers and those ready to get started.
Teaching dance tips - creating a supporting learning environment

10 Tips for New Dance Teachers

Starting out as a dance teacher can be filled with challenges and self-questioning. But what I've found over the last 15+ years as a dance instructor, is that it's a highly rewarding journey full of ...
House dance, street dancing

House Dance

Urban and street dances have always been able to go beyond traditional barriers and really connect people through movement. House dance does just this, hand in hand with the electronic music scene. In this article, ...
Spanish dancers performing

10 Classical Spanish Dances

Spanish Dances article by Tanya, a dancer who lives in Spain. The warm, cheerful, and picturesque streets of Spain contain many wonders for anyone who wants to visit them. There is a very rich and ...
Teaching dance

Teaching Dance Across the Generations (…to babies, children, adults & seniors)

Teaching dance has been a big part of my life. With a dance journey spanning over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of not only teaching the art of dance, but also witnessing its impact ...
A famous belly dancer

19 Famous belly dancers from round the world

Belly Dance, at its most basic can be traced back for centuries (and even possibly millennia). It is within the past century, roughly the last hundred years that this dance underwent a metamorphosis into the ...
Image of Shiva statue, with symbolic circle. History of dance.

History of Dancing

Dancing through time to the rhythm of humanity Have you ever found yourself swaying to the rhythm of your favorite song, or to any song playing on the radio while doing chores around the house ...
About DanceBibles is run by a team of dancers, editors and just people in love with dance – including professionals in various individual dance styles, honing our experience over years of practice. We’re sharing our experience (which, by the way, in total are more than 45 years), views, research, interesting articles, product reviews and lots more. And it does not matter if you are a beginner, or a professional, or a parent of a child who is engaged in dancing, everyones welcome!About Us


Dancing topics we cover:

DanceBibles is here for all dancers, from those with years of experience, to those with an interest to get started in dancing and everything between. We covers a whole spectrum of dance topics to promote learning and interest about dancing. These topics include:

Dance styles:

Covering everything from the grace and technicality of ballet and specifics like ballet feet care, through to the raw urban expression of street dance styles such as krump and hip-hop.  On the way we stop at ballroomfolk and world dances ;like KPop, belly dance and so much more. If you’re interested in pole dancing, then you’re in luck too – our founder has brought her wealth of experience to the site, including our most popular article on top pole moves for beginners.

Dance Tips

In this section of the site, we share the experience of our team to tackle a variety of topics from stretching as a dancer, all the way to doing the splits, through to hairstyles for dance classes and competitions. Hopefully some of these will save you some time and give you pointers that will help you as a dancer.

Dance Culture

We find it fascinating to build our knowledge of how the history of dancing has developed for many of the different dance styles and across countries and cultures around the world. Famous dancers is another interesting area where we cover the likes of the best street dancers and choreographers.

Dance Equipment Reviews

To dance your best, it helps to have the right equipment and accessories. Dance shoes being top of the list (unless you use a pole). Beyond that we cover equipments such as knee pads and dance bags to put everything in. We’re also enjoying the availability more recently of online dance classes to hone and expand your skills are invaluable, so we take a look at these also.

Happy dancing!