Pole Dancing for Kids.

Pole Dancing for Kids

– Can kids do pole dance? Absolutely! There are many reasons why a child might want to do pole. Pole dancing is all about strength, ...
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Pole Dance at Home.

How to Practise Pole Dancing at home: with or without a Pole

Dancebibles > Pole Learning pole dance at home can be caused by many reasons. Now we’re all #stayhome because of COVID-19. But at normal times, ...
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History of Pole Dance – how people stopped perceiving dance as a striptease.

History of Pole Dance: from 12 century to nowadays

Dancebibles > Pole Pole Dance, as we know it today, is quite a young and developing sport and art. But it has great potential. And ...
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Pole dance wear.

What to wear to a pole dancing class – with examples and photos

Dancebibles > Pole If you're planning on dancing, you'll need special clothes that are characterized by certain materials and tailoring. If you're planning to study ...
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Top 10 beginner pole moves.

TOP 10 Basic Pole Dance Moves for Beginners

basic spins (chair spin and variations, soldier, frog); basic climb; fairy sit; basic plank; hello boys; hood ornament; chopper; martinis glass; outside/inside leg hang; barrel ...
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