Street Dance

House dance, street dancing

House Dance

Urban and street dances have always been able to go beyond traditional barriers and really connect people through movement. House dance does just this, hand in hand with the electronic ...
Popping dance on the street

Popping: Dance with Precision. 3 beginner techniques.

What is the popping dance technique and how do you 'Pop'? Popping is a style of street dance, where dancers quickly tense and release muscles (sometimes known as ‘hitting’ or ...
An image of a clown at a fair. Article about Clowning dance

Clowning Dance: Tommy the Clown & Hip-hop Clowns

What is clowning dance? Clowning dance (also known as clown dancing) is a unique and entertaining form of dance expression in the early 1990’s. It was developed by Thomas Johnson, ...
Street dance styles. Photo of male breakdancer in square outside tall building

Street Dance Styles

Street dance styles. When you hear the term "street dancing," what comes to mind? Do you think of hip-hop? Breakdancing? House dancing? Street dance is a broad term that encompasses ...
street dance

Best Street Dancers in the World

It is nearly impossible to accurately rank the top street dancers in the world, as each has their own distinct style and talent. While there are many skilled street dancers ...
Breakdancer performing in front of the crowd

What is Break Dance?

What is breakdance? You probably have a pretty good idea of breakdancing but maybe you're not close to the details and how to get started? Let us give you an ...
Hip Hop History. Image of a group of dancers male and female dancing together

History of Hip-Hop Dance

The history of hip hop dance is relatively short, as a young dance style, having only been around for five decades. Despite this, it has quickly become one of the ...
What is KRUMP? Photo of a man Krumping with aggressive looking street moves. In a black hoodie and baseball cap.

What is Krumping? The 101 on Krump

Krump is a dance style and a genre of music. The Krump Dance Style is characterized by its energetic and expressive movements, as well as its aggressive presentation. Despite this ...
Basic Hip Hop Moves.

Basic Hip Hop Moves for Beginners

To begin learning basic hip-hop dance, it is important to start with the basics. This includes getting a feel for the rhythm and music and learning the basic movements. In ...
We take a look at the different styles of street dance  including hip-hop, breaking, popping, krumping and locking.

Finally, we give a perspective on some of the greatest street dancers in the world, including Buddha Stretch, Mr Wiggles, Les Twins, Bboy Storm and a few of the other masters, both male and female, as well as some of the more recent dancers to make fame. It’s loaded with videos of some of their best moves.