Best shoes for zumba for 2023 - Guide and Review

Emma Bolton

Zumba is trendy. And if you are in the know, you can see that there is even a certain Zumba style. The more people are excited about Zumba, the more often they ask about the right shoes for Zumba dancing. In fact, besides the brightness and colorfulness, it is assumed that the Zumba boots should be comfortable and safe.

We've collected all the important information about Zumba shoes to make it easier for you to choose the right one. To this end, our editorial team reviewed all tests, reports, videos, reviews, and comparisons, and based on these data, ranked the best shoes for Zumba (rated by 12 criteria).

To make a choice for the best product, find in this review the most reputable models on the market, which also offer a good price/quality ratio. Actually, we've tried to make the list based on the popularity, quality, price, durability, user, and more.

What are the best shoes for zumba?

Best zumba shoes + how to pick the right trainers for you

Ryka Women's Influence Cross Training – Best Overall

Ryka Women's Influence Cross Training – Best Overall.
Recommended 98%

A lot of you are always asking what shoes to get for zumba. And those are our recommendations for the ladies.

Ryka is a female shoe and we like it because it is usually pretty comfortable, very durable, and it can take high impact. They tend to be less expensive than other athletic shoes. They’re not super fancy looking, but they’re really good shoes and they tend to have some nice colors in them.

These zumba sneakers by Ryka perfectly cope with the task of supporting you during training, both literally and in the figurative sense. After all, they are not only strong and reliable but also very stylish. It can't but make you happy! They are lightweight and flexible, giving you freedom of movement while protecting your foot and your joints during bumps and jumps. The amortization foam midsole softens all hard and potentially heavy bumps (which are usually a serious load).

The materials are breathable, the lacing is tight, the sole does not slide, the pivot point gives even greater ease and effortless rotation and movement. Comfort is maximum because the shoes are designed to details. So if you are looking for comfort, cushioning, and support this Ryka shoe has it all.

  • Perfect for Zumba
  • Durable, flexible, and cushioned sole
  • Wide range of colors and bright design
  • Excellent opportunities with pivot point
  • Ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • If used regularly and intensively, the sole may begin to be erased a few months after purchase
  • Not great for those with narrow feet due to an insufficient number of lace holes

Zumba Energy Boom – Best for Zumba Fans

Zumba Energy Boom Best for Zumba Fans.
Recommended 97%

Alternatively, choose the original Zumba shoes from Zumba Footwear. The Zumba Fitness brand is the international benchmark for Zumba equipment. These sneakers are also a good choice, unfortunately, more expensive, but worth every penny.

Their absolute advantage is brightness and originality. Just look at these colors and bright design! They are golden, orange, blue, multicolored, it will be an effective boost for a good mood during a zumba workout. The wide range of colors and design options of this model also gives you the opportunity to choose exactly what you like.

When you first pick them up, you will immediately notice that the design provides excellent support to your ankles by having a mid-fit upper that protects against stretching and perfectly stabilizes the foot. Aesthetically, this is completely successful! But at the same time, this design makes them heavier than other sneakers considered here. So be careful, if you do not like heavy footwear or are used to dancing zumba in weightless shoes.

It is made of a soft synthetic material that bends as you move. The woven ZUMBA® logo on the tongue. The sneakers are equipped with a buckle system on the laces. The lanyard holes are also present on the upper part of the sneakers, so you don't have to worry about setting up.

Another feature of this pair of shoes is the Z-Slide system, which allows you to glide comfortably in spins and rotations on any surface.

  • Perfect for Zumba
  • Fresh design and brightness!
  • Optimal metatarsal fixation
  • Ankle protection
  • Z-Slide system leads to better spins
  • used both indoors and outdoors
  • Higher price

Capezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker – Best for Professional Dancers

Recommended 97%

Capezio is one of the largest world manufacturers of dancing equipment. Using sports and dance shoes such as these Rockit, you can be sure that you will have excellent support for your feet and ankles when performing any movements.

Specially designed for Zumba Rock-It sneakers with split-sole design give the foot complete freedom of movement and spins without pressure on the knees and hips. Their soles are soft and flexible enough and their shape provides perfect support for the ankle.

Practical and lightweight sneakers are made of premium materials. The upper and inner parts are made of synthetic materials; the outer side is made of breathable mesh, which allows feet to breathe and does not retain sweat. The sole is comfortable and does not tire your feet during the workout. In addition, the shoes have strong laces, which are unlikely to come off. If you want a shoe that's bendable, has a lot of support in it and a lot of cushioning, be sure, choose RockIt.

  • Breathable materials
  • The maximum flexible and movable soleplate
  • Durable
  • Manufactured particularly for dancing
  • Reliable lacing
  • Undersized (harder to find the size)
  • Monotone
  • There is only one color

Strong iD Fly - Fit Shoes for Women

Strong iD Fly Fit Shoes for Women.
Recommended 95%

There is nothing better than shoes specially designed for this discipline for optimal comfort during a workout. It is made of flexible mesh fabric for the best comfort. And the soft and cushioned midsole provides good softness for landing feet. All materials are quite durable and wear-resistant, so they are called "Strong" for a reason because it is true!

These shoes are made of porous material, it allows your feet to breathe perfectly, another good thing, no moisture accumulates in your shoes, your feet breathe even when they sweat! These universal shoes are suitable for both Zumba exercises and many other types of cardio training. They are universal and durable, with a universal design. Strong iD Fly Fit are available in six colors to match the rest of your Zumba wardrobe. A great choice for beginners, with an affordable price!

  • All-purpose
  • Z-Slide system leads to better rotation
  • Durable
  • Ventilated
  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • Not the strongest ankle support

Zumba Athletic Air Classic Sneakers – Best shoes for zumba workouts

Zumba Athletic Air Classic Sneakers Best shoes for zumba workouts.
Recommended 94%

These women's shoes are also used as sneakers for men. It is unisex, which will suit all fans of zumba - beginners and professionals, women, and men. So if you're a man who loves zumba, as we do, and are looking for the best sneakers, congratulations! You found them!

They are comfortable, durable, and wear-resistant. They are a little bulky and heavy, but men can be just right for their weight! The universal design may not be as bright as the Zumba community usually likes, but at the same time not completely black.

These are sneakers that will resist all impacts: the sole is made of EVA, it does not slide, cushioning, gives stability to the leg; inside there is a polyurethane removable insole, which further increases the degree of amortization. The upper is made of suede and synthetic material. In some places, there are mesh inserts. Therefore, they may not have the best degree of breathability. The "Zumba" logo on the tongue tells the world that you are a member of the Zumba fan community!

  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • Stylish design
  • Good cushioning
  • Good foot fixation
  • Average breathability level
  • The sole is not equipped with a pivot point

SANSHA Motion Sneaker – Best zumba dance shoes

SANSHA Motion Sneaker Best Value.
Recommended 94%

This is the cheapest choice of dance sneakers, which is suitable for men and is available on the market for true quality. They fix your foot enough and bend at the sole to protect your feet and legs from injury and provide freedom of movement. Sansha is sewn from suede and breathable mesh, which provides high air conductivity. The ¾ inch high rubber sole is equipped with a pivot point. The heel just over an inch tall is very stable.

Even though the sole is made of rubber, it still slides slightly on some wooden floor surfaces and may not seem to cushion enough. Although this sole flexes at the point of splitting, it is not as soft and flexible in itself as it is in Capezio Rockit. This shoe is also not as durable as the more expensive and famous brands, but it is definitely worth the money.

The brand designs and produces customized dance shoes. Therefore, do not doubt that these sneakers with a split sole will be suitable for zumba. The main thing is to choose the right size.

  • Split rubber sole
  • Lowest price
  • Convenient pivot point
  • Air Permeability
  • It is inconvenient to choose the size
  • Insufficient cushioning

NIKE Men's Tanjun Sneakers - Best nike shoes for zumba

NIKE Men's Tanjun Sneakers Best nike shoes for zumba.
Recommended 95%

These ordinary men's sneakers have all the necessary properties to train Zumba. They have a soft rubber sole, textile, soft and breathable upper, good cushioning, and strong lacing. With the mesh upper, these shoes are very light and easy to feel at all, which makes them very suitable for zumba.

The lack of a pivot point should not prevent you from doing the spins because the sole is flat and uniform enough. Also, the sole has soft and smooth sides, a high level of flexibility, good thickness.

There is a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can easily find your favorite design. We can say that these shoes will be good for beginners in zumba, because even if you change your mind about it, such sneakers are suitable for many other activities.

  • A wide range of colors
  • High quality, soft, flexible sole
  • Good cushioning
  • Ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • No pivot point
  • Textile top less protects the foot

Buyer's Guide

It is vital to wear the right shoes for sports activities. While zumba workout, your feet are in constant motion to withstand heavy beats, jumps, landings, and turns. This may seem safe and fun, but the wrong and unsupportive shoes are one of the most common causes of various foot injuries, including broken bones. Any damage to this area can also affect your knees, thighs, or back. Helping your legs and ankles to absorb impacts, footwear is thus an essential element in protecting almost the entire body.

Unless you pay proper attention to choosing the shape and shoes for Zumba Fitness, you won't be able to participate fully in the process and feel confident. Also, it's simply uncomfortable to train in shoes that squeeze, hard, large, or small in size (for example, for a wide foot, you need to select the shoes with great care). Calluses, which will get due to the wrong choice, will take you out of training for a month.

Below we will consider the factors you should pay attention to when choosing good zumba shoes.

  • Convenience. Comfort is the most important thing to consider for any shoe, for any sport. It doesn't matter how many special features a shoe, designed for the zumba, will give you if you are not comfortable. Fortunately, there are many models of shoes and the same number of brands.
  • Size and width. Zumba has a lot of side movements and fast legs. To match the inspiring music and be able to perform all the movements of your feet, you need to find a shoe that fits not only the length of the insole but also the width.
  • The Pivot point is probably the most important element of zumba shoes. It is a point on the usually round part of the sole, which allows you to turn easily. This important feature really distinguishes Zumba shoes from conventional fitness shoes. Without this feature, it is likely that you will have too much grip and your shoes will cling to the ground when you try to turn.
  • Weight. Zumba is also a strong cardio. You need to feel the ease of movement! Make sure that the sneakers you choose are not heavy. Choose the lightest but strongest materials.
  • Thermoregulation (ventilation). Give preference to the right materials and fabrics that take away moisture, because you will sometimes experience strong sweating at the workout. Proper thermoregulation will make you feel confident. It should be distinguished by pleasant tactile sensations and not cause allergic reactions. In most cases, it will be thin skin or breathable mesh elastic tissue. They guarantee an excellent fit and provide a pleasant climate for the legs even during long workouts.
  • Strength. Your footwear will have to endure many beats for 60 minutes at a time. They need a good combination of breathable mesh and synthetic upper to stand up to the pressure while protecting your toes and feet from hits.
  • The sole. A quality rubber sole should be non-slip enough so you don't lose your balance and stability during a quick and fiery dance. In addition, good sneakers for zumba should have a flat sole so that you can comfortably turn your foot on the floor. Some also prefer special dance sneakers (like jazz shoes), the sole of which consists of two parts. In the middle of the foot, they have a separation for greater flexibility and mobility of the foot. When choosing a sole, you should also consider what kind of surface you will train on. The grip on the parquet, carpet, or ground is very different.
  • Emphasizing the positive. Colorful print, bright colors, variety of colors, and shapes help to create the same cheerful, carefree, and inflammatory mood that is inherent to training. Pay attention also to the appropriate shoes!
  • Your budget. Of course, zumba shoes tend to be a little more expensive than conventional sneakers. But is it worth risking the health and integrity of your bones and joints, when there is only $10-15 at stake? Invest in quality shoes and make your workout safe, comfortable, and effective. All the more so because this is not a premium shoe. The average cost of a good zumba sneaker which provides fairly high quality is $100.


Can running shoes be used for Zumba?

Wearing running shoes at Zumba training is risky and strongly discouraged. The sole of running shoes is usually too hard and inflexible. While the sole of shoes for zumba should have good cushioning, flexible sole (solid and flat or consisting of two parts), and should be equipped with a pivot point, which helps the rotation of the foot. Wearing conventional fitness or running shoes involves risks of falling, discomfort, and injury to the knee joints because such shoes do not repeat lateral movements and the knee must be curved.

Is Zumba good for losing weight?

Yes, zumba is a very popular, effective, and a good way to fight against overweight. A 1-hour workout can help you to burn between 300 and 900 calories.

Can I use insoles with Zumba shoes?

If you have problems with your legs, use a quality insole, if it makes you feel better. You do not want to miss classes because of pain in your legs!

Is there a run-in period for Zumba shoes?

Zumba shoes are different from running shoes or any of the following criteria:

  • The soles are not so sticky that they make it easier to slide or turn
  • Pivot points and sliding cushions reduce the risk of injury
  • The soles are designed to withstand strong jumping beats and steps
  • High-class shoes have extra support for the ankle to reduce pain or injury

If you have joint problems or are worried about the injury, we recommend that you look for Zumba products. They are quality, safe, and durable.

What should be avoided?

Incorrect footwear will not only restrict movement but can also lead to injury. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid the following types of shoes:

  • Sneakers, which have a pronounced relief on the sole, which may cause injury when moving to the side
  • Footwear that limits ankle movement (supports it too tightly) and thus limits movement and can also cause injury
  • Shoes that give too good grip on the floor (especially old sneakers). Such shoes can cause injury to the hip and leg


The Zumba Fitness program was created specifically to bring together people who love to dance and always want to be in great shape, because, as we all know, zumba is a full and intense workout. Its choreography, as a rule, consists of many spins and even jumps. Therefore, the support of the foot and ankle is important. Obviously, this will ensure the safety of your movements and legs.

You don't have to be a professional dancer to have fun and enjoy yourself. All you need to enjoy your zumba is the right shoes. Choose the best shoes for your zumba. Take all the brightest and most unusual things with you, and go ahead!

And please, share it with your friends, if you find it valuable.