Best ballroom dance shoes 2023 - Ultimate guide and review

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Capezio Women's SD02 Rosa 2.5 Flared-Heel Sandal.
Best Opened Ballroom dance Sandals
CLEECLI Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes – Best Price.
Best Price
Very Fine Dance Shoes Competitive Dancer Series CD5024M 2.5 Heel.
Very Fine
Best Closed Ballroom dance Shoes

Attention all ballroom dancers! Are you tired of suffering from blisters and sore feet after a night of dancing? The solution to your two-left-feet woes may just be a new pair of ballroom dance shoes. So it might be time to invest in a new pair of ballroom dance shoes. These specialized shoes are designed to provide the support and stability you need to effortlessly glide across the dance floor. So say goodbye to sore feet and hello to dance floor domination with the best ballroom dance shoes on the market.

Our TOP-10 has both Latina and Standard Ladies shoes:

Latin Ballroom Dance Shoes Women (Opened Style)

For Latina dancing, it is best to wear specialized sandals with a closed heel and strap. The strap should be secured under the foot rather than the ankle for comfort and safety. It is also important to choose sandals with a soft and flexible footbed to allow for proper movement.

The heel height depends on the dancer's height and her anatomy, because some people find it easier to dance on a higher stiletto than on a 2-inch heel.

Capezio Women's SD02 Rosa 2.5" Flared-Heel Sandal

Capezio Women's SD02 Rosa 2.5 Flared-Heel Sandal.

It is no exaggeration to call these sandals the best ballroom shoes because of their high durability, sophistication, look and great price.

CAPEZIO professional dance products are respected and known all over the world for their high quality. The Rosa shoes are no exception, because they are durable, but no less graceful looking. Note that the stripes are slightly thicker than some models of other brands, due to how they provide increased foot control, reducing wear and tear.

The flared mid-height heel is stable, but don't forget the heel protectors, they add another ⅛ inch of height. The crossed strap gives extra support, but also makes the shoes look even more graceful on the foot.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Medium high heel
  • Durable stripes
  • Available in two colors
  • Extremely comfortable dance shoes
  • There may not be enough holes to fasten the strap

Supadance Ladies High Heeled Dancing Shoes 1063

Supadance Ladies Dance Shoes 1063.

Supadance has a half-century history in professional dancing shoes and it is a benchmark of quality and a trendsetter in fashion ballroom shoes. Supadance is considered the best brand in the industry. All shoes are made in England, with a factory located in London.

This is a really professional pair of sandals, suitable for both training and competition appearances. These Latin shoes are very narrow, so they will fit perfectly on a narrow foot.

Seven perfect thickness and strength straps are connected in the middle by a diamond-shaped bundle and perfectly hold the foot and toes. Stable heel makes it possible to perform dance steps with confidence.

The buckle is a quick-release hook fastener. The buckle strap wraps around your ankle or foot twice for extra stability.

  • Great quality
  • Available in different colors and shades
  • Stable
  • Very sophisticated and perfect design
  • Light
  • Flexible sole
  • Wouldn't fit on wide feet
  • A little expensive

S92307 2-Inch Heel Very Fine Ballroom Latin Dance Shoes for Women

Very Fine Ballroom Latin Dance Shoes for Women S92307 2-Inch Heel.

This is a more affordable ballroom dance sandals that's also more versatile: you can easily adjust the width thanks to the two rhinestone buckles on the front of the shoe.

The lower heel model will suit those who are just starting to dance on heels. Those who want to buy a higher heel can also choose this model, but with a 3-Inch heel height. They have a fairly soft sole, although slightly thicker than the previous Supadance. The heel is stable, and additional comfort is achieved by the double strap wrap. To get a snug fit, it is recommended to order half a size smaller than your street shoes.

The relatively affordable price of the Very Fine brand makes it one of the main suppliers of ballroom shoes in the American market. Considering that ballroom dancing can really become an expensive activity, the price of the shoes matters. Try experiencing Very Fine's quality at an affordable price and you too!

  • Width adjustment
  • Affordable price
  • Different color available
  • Stable
  • Comes with a shoe brush

CLEECLI Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes – Best Price

CLEECLI Women's Ballroom Dance Shoes Best Price.

If you are a beginner and just want to experience dancing on heels, try these cheap ballroom dancing sandals. Buying them at the most affordable price, you won't spend much, you'll be able to practice wearing them and see how comfortable you are, what you'd like to change.

This design is characterized by the presence of mesh fabric, which gives the gracefulness of the foot. The mesh is very soft, it does not chafe, though it can be a little thin and rubbed over time. The sandals fit really well on the foot, and look good while dancing. They are very comfortable, so that long dance classes are easy and your feet almost do not get tired of the heel.

When buying pay attention to the size chart and clearly follow it, then get exactly the size you need.

  • Cheap
  • Look good on your feet
  • Stable
  • Available in different colors
  • Soft
  • Mesh is not strong enough
  • Not the most durable

Freed of London Women's Ballroom Dance Shoe

Freed of London Women's Ballroom Dance Shoe.

Next is a pair of shoes from Freed of London, another revered brand in the world of ballroom dancing. The company, indeed, specializes in the production of dance shoes for decades, so there is no reason to doubt the quality of their products.

Unlike the sandals from Supadance and Capezio where the straps are connected without any decoration, this model has a beautiful diamante centerpiece and diamante buckle. It looks very nice and delicate on the foot. This is a great shoe for performances and tournaments.

These sandals will be a great way to complete your look at any, even the world competition. This is your perfect choice if you're looking for something very pretty and dressy.

  • Leather sole
  • Handmade
  • Incredible beautiful design
  • Available in two colors
  • Soft and Lightweight
  • Ultra Slim Heel
  • Not cheap

Standard (Closed Styles)

The European Standard Dances rules require women to wear closed style ballroom shoes. These are classic pumps with a thin heel, can be with a strap or without, such as an elastic band. Ideal ones won't shrink or dangle on your foot, moreover the worst-case scenario is when they're bigger than when they're a little too tight. That's because dance shoes' uppers are made of either leather or satin which are materials that stretch out a bit over time and allow your foot to sit comfortably in them. Let's look at the market and see what's best to buy out of all the available variety.

Very Fine Dance Shoes Competitive Dancer Series CD5024M 2.5" Heel

Very Fine Dance Shoes Competitive Dancer Series CD5024M 2.5 Heel.

The best ballroom shoes for standard dance have been the shoes from Very Fine. They are inexpensive, stable, comfortable, and fully meet all the expectations and requirements that are usually imposed on this category of dance shoes.

Right after you buy them, you need to wear them out a little bit, because they might be a little tight on your foot. But they do stretch. This is normal.

The heel is very stable, the sole is soft and comfortable, the foot does not sweat in them, thanks to the non-slip nanofiber insole. They have a classically slightly rounded toe, a fully closed foot, in the manufacture used heavy-duty materials. These shoes are guaranteed to last a very long time. Perfect for regular dance classes and competitions!

  • Leather sole
  • Durable and reliable
  • Stable
  • Very comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • You have to wear it out, at first, it can be tight

Dance Club 7904 Women's Dance Shoes

Dance Club 7904 Women's Dance Shoes.

This style of shoe is slightly different in shape, more shapely and interesting. Those, who often feel pressure on the bones of their ankles, will not find it suitable, because this model has a slight rise in this area. Instead, Dance Club shoes are great for small and narrow feet, because they fix the foot very well. A rhinestone embellished buckle complements the standard strap; this small addition makes this pair of shoes even more exquisite.

The shoes are very soft, lightweight, they almost do not feel on the foot. Moreover, they complement your foot, giving you extra cushioning due to the soft suede sole and extra padding. This classic quality of the famous Ballroom shoe manufacturer is what you need for guaranteed comfort during your dance moves.

  • Leather sole
  • Buckle embellished with crystals
  • Good foot retention
  • Average price
  • Cushioning and softness
  • Will not fit if this shape squeezes at the ankles bones

Supadance Ladies Dance Shoes

Supadance Ladies Dance Shoes.

These shoes are interesting for their design which is more open and with a diagonal strap. Additionally, the elongated toe, the diamond buckle, and the thinner heel also give this shoe a special aesthetic. Because of this incredibly elegant model looks very sophisticated on the foot and will decorate any dancer's style.

The rest, Supadance doesn't make you doubt the quality of the product being made: soft cushioning sole, locking shape and tightly fastened strap, quality, and durable satin. If you are on the lookout for more open shoes for slow European ballroom dancing, these might be the best buy. They are very elegant indeed.

  • Solid, durable
  • Comfortable, soft, cushioning
  • Very elegant design
  • Leather sole
  • Buckle embellished with crystals
  • Cross Strap
  • Price
  • Available in one color

International Dance Shoes IDS American Flex

International Dance Shoes IDS American Flex.

The next two items are the best for american smooth dances. In this competition category, partially open shoes for women are allowed, so you can safely choose one of the options we offer.

International is a world-renowned brand. These soft, ultra-light, easy-to-bend slow dance shoes fit your foot perfectly, don't squeeze, and help you move to the beat of the music.

Very high-quality satin and soft suede outsole provide the comfort of movement and durability of use. A soft elastic band and double strap prevent the shoes from slipping off the foot.

  • At the same time elastic and fixes the foot
  • Gel lining
  • Nice double strap
  • Unmatched comfort level
  • Expensive

Freed of London Women's Ballroom Dance Shoe

Freed of London Women's Ballroom Dance Shoe.

The shoes with the elongated toe, partially open foot, and cross strap feel very comfortable in the dance. They are super soft, so you'll have no trouble with heel movements and half-finger lifts, and the battements will look even more precise and technical.

  • Elegant design
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Good flexion
  • Available in three colors
  • Expensive

Buyers Guide – How to Buy Best Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Purchasing quality dance shoes is not only the basis of effective training but also your health. To avoid a sprain or other ankle injury, it is advisable to pay attention to several factors when choosing sandals or shoes.

Size. Adult dancers need to choose dancing shoe size to size, otherwise, you will look like a dancing child with shoes "overgrown". If you choose Latin dance sandals, do not worry if the toe slightly protrudes over the sole, it is extremely important for you to feel contact with the floor. Standard shoes when buying should also sit tight, and even cramped. Leather tends to stretch, so by buying a loose model, you run the risk of losing your shoes after a couple of exercises, like Cinderell

Material. Shoe manufacturers mostly use natural leather, suede and satin. Certainly, a leather shoe is the best alternative, its main advantage is that it does not let the foot sweat, and does not require special care. However, the satin shoes are in great demand among professional dancers. It is light and comfortable, fairly practical, as it is washable, dyeable and other actions. The only drawback is that it has to be changed much more often, because the fabric is still a fabric. These shoes wear out more quickly, losing their original appearance. Their wearing time is about six months.

Last, but not least important detail is the heel. It must be comfortable. If you get tired of standing on it after a couple of minutes of trying it on, you probably will not be able to dance on it. Beginners ballroom dancers are better to take a heel of 2 inches.

You should buy protectors of heels for your shoes, they help to keep the heel from wear and tear longer. This detail will give you stability on the floor and keep it from scratches. Protectors are made of silicone, usually, they are chosen in the tone of the heel (can be transparent or black).

Care of dancing shoes

It is necessary to take care of the shoes after training and competitions, you should dry and clean them, lubricate the soles with castor oil (this will provide the necessary care and the shoes will be much less slippery), and store them in a special bag. Do not leave dancing shoes in plastic bags!


What shoes do ballroom dancers wear?

Ballroom dancers wear shoes from Capezio, Supadance, Very Fine, Freed of London, International, Dance Club brands and manufacturers.

Are ballroom dancing shoes more comfortable?

Yes, ballroom shoes, indeed, more comfortable. Dance shoes are not accidentally called dancing, they are made of natural or special eco-leather, they are softer than everyday shoes and more follows the anatomy of your foot. Ordinary shoes have a too thick sole, which will not allow you to feel the parquet. Even orthopedic models do not have such a bendable supinator as dancing shoes, especially this is true for Latin sandals. Dancing wearing ordinary shoes, you will not be able to stretch the toe, the movements will be stiff and incorrect.

What are the best dance shoes?

The Best Ballroom Latin Dance Sandals is Capezio Women's SD02 Rosa; the best ballroom closed style dance shoes is Very Fine Series CD5024M

How are ballroom dance shoes different?

Ballroom dance shoes are different by extremely soft and light soles which helps the dancer to point his or her toe while having stability and support in the foot.

Bottom Line

If you are a ballroom dancer, no matter professional or beginner, you know how hard it is to dance all of these moves sometimes. You have to stay straight posture while your legs, feet, hips and hands are moving in different ways, so your body creates really amazing and beautiful forms.

It's important that every dancer must wear only good fitting and quality made shoes to protect himself or herself from the traumas now and over the years, even when the dancer’s career will be in the past.

Choose the ones of this best-list or try the shoes of one of the mentioned brands. It can be more expensive or harder to buy but it is your health guarantee and way to be the best.

Dance, enjoy and win!