Hyperbolic Stretching.

Hyperbolic Stretching

Dancebibles > Stretching Hyperbolic Stretching Hyperbolic stretching is a new type of stretching that is coming by Alex Larsson. It's been getting a lot of ...
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Exercises for stretching the back.

Exercises for Stretching the Back

Dancebibles > Stretching Flexibility for a dancer is just as important as strength. It helps to avoid injuries, to move with more amplitude, and to ...
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Stretching routine for Dancers.

Stretching Routine for Dancers

Dancebibles > Stretching Some dancers ignore stretching practice. Believing that this is just a split, which is not necessary for all dancers, they forget that ...
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Stretching to Lose Weight.

How does stretching help you lose weight?

Dancebibles > Stretching There's no point in questioning the benefits of stretching to the body. A flexible body is a sign of his youth. But ...
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How to do Splits?

How to do the splits? Step-by-Step Instructions Without Hurting Yourself

Dancebibles > Stretching The myth that stretching is painful, scares away many people from any attempt to do splits. In fact, strong pain is an ...
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