Tango dance.

Tango Dance

Dancebibles > Ballroom Tango Dance is a passionate and expressive form of dance that originated in Argentina in the late 19th century. It is characterized ...
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Samba – Brasil vs Ballroom Dance

Samba Dance

Dancebibles > Ballroom The Samba is a Brazilian dance that has become popular all over the world. It is characterized by its lively and energetic ...
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Ballroom Dance Etiquette.

Ballroom Etiquette: Basic Guidelines for Dancers

Dancebibles > Ballroom From the beginner to the experienced dancer, it is an honor and a privilege to attend any dance. The time spent at ...
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Standard Dances.

Standard Dances

Dancebibles > Ballroom Ballroom dances – are a group of 10 pairs of dances that have different origins (both folk and elite, that is, from ...
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List of Latin Dances.

List of Latin Dances

Dancebibles > Ballroom We don't know if you can tell samba from salsa and rumba from bachata, but we bet – you don't know the ...
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Salsa Dance history and origin.

Salsa Dance History

Dancebibles > Ballroom Let's dance salsa! After all, this is one of the most incendiary rhythms of Latin dances. But here's what I tell you: ...
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History of Ballroom Dancing.

History of Ballroom Dancing

Dancebibles > Ballroom The history of dancing, in general, begins with the emergence of culture and even earlier. It is unlikely that we can not ...
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Styles of Ballroom Dancing.

Types of Ballroom Dancing

Dancebibles > Ballroom Confused about the number of styles of ballroom dancing? Let's figure out together why in some sources they write about 12 or ...
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