Best Tap Shoes Review

Emma Bolton

Tap shoes are one of the most important accessories in any tap dancer’s wardrobe. The tap dance shoes can make all the difference to your performance and comfort on stage. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know which pair is best for you! If you want a quality shoe that will last (and look fabulous), then read our guide below before making your purchase. We'll be happy to give our opinion on these products based off what we've learned about it so far.

Spoiler: Miller & Ben Tap Shoes are the best combination of comfort, style and sound quality. Yes, they are more expensive than the mid-market price, but truly believe you deserve to feel comfortable in your feet and get the most out of every tap.

What are tap shoes?

What are tap shoes?

Tap shoes are a pair of musical shoes that can be used to produce a tapping sound in time with a percussion instrument. Tap shoes have a metal plate at the toe, and one or more percussions or cleats on the sole.

"Tap dance" is a form of dance characterized by quick, rhythmically accentuated steps with taps rather than steps from the ball of the dancer's foot.

Miller & Ben Tap Shoes – 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy This Tap Shoes

Miller & Ben Tap Shoes – 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy This Tap Shoes.

The Miller & Ben Tap Shoes Triple Threat is the best tap shoes for advanced tappers and excellent for any avid tap dancer. These professional leather tap shoes have been designed by Avi Miller and Ofer Ben - world known Tap teachers and performers.

They use a full compressed wood heel for protection and a triple layer of leather at the front to provide a very durable sole. It has a triple layer front left only on the sole, giving it durability for competitive dancers who are often standing-dancing on their toes. The shoe is made from quality leather that lasts up to six months of constant use or five times a week. The shoe comes with taps installed in them, which reduce the cost of ownership.

The tap shoe has a 35 European size, which is equivalent to a US shoe size 5 - 12. The upper part of the shoes are made out of leather, while the sole has three layers in front only with compressed wood on top where your heel rests. The heels measure 1 ½ inches or 38 mm in height, which is perfect for any level of dancer.

Whether you are training or making an entrance on stage, these tap shoe covers keep you looking sleek and stylish without sacrificing the quality of their audio. These shoes bring together the form and function so that they never need to be considered separately again. Miller & Ben Tap Shoes Triple Threat designed for those with a passion for this particular sound. This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality leather tap shoes that are all-leather with no stitching in the front, for both men and women. But the shoe is not intended for beginners but rather for an experienced dancer.

  • Made from quality leather (upper – leather; sole - leather, triple layer front only)
  • Unisex professional tap shoes
  • Designed by world known tap teachers and performers
  • The shoe comes with taps installed in them
  • Heel - Compressed Wood & Leather
  • The tap sounds loud and clear
  • Lasts up to six months of constant use or five times a week
  • Expensive

Bloch Womens Jason Samuels Smith Tap Shoe Review

Bloch Womens Jason Samuels Smith Tap Shoe Review.

Bloch Dance Womens Jason Samuels Smith Professional Leather Tap Shoe is a top of the line product from Bloch that ensures durability, comfort and longevity. These shoes are carefully engineered to allow you to perform at a professional level with a small amount of effort!

With leather soles and painstakingly hand-stitched straps, these shoes will have you tap-dancing for years without worrying about replacements or breaks in time. Canvas lining ensuring long lasting use! The inside feels soft and luxurious on your foot with a specially engineered metal bonding procedure that ensures the screws which hold the taps will not loosen without modification by the dancer. They are designed to make full contact with a flat surface with the tap plate.

The sounds on these are beautiful and very clear and loud. These ones are heavier then normal shoes so it took a class or two of adjustment, but the taps are more crisp and louder. They seem to be more stable for toe stands. There are two colors: white and black.

Bloch Jason Samuels Smith Tap Shoes are one of the best investments you can make in your dance career.

  • Sizes are available to fit most types of feet
  • Promotes long lasting use
  • Very supportive
  • Two colors
  • Durable and comfortable
  • The sounds are clear and loud
  • Someone finds them a little uncomfortable to tap dance in at first

Capezio Women's Flex Master Tap Shoe – Best Tap Shoes for Wide Feet

Capezio Women's Flex Master Tap Shoe.

The Capezio Women's Flex Master Tap Shoe is a very popular shoe. It has excellent features that will help you do your best at tap dancing. The Capezio Tap Shoe is a professional, high-quality tap shoes. Made from top-quality materials including leather uppers and poron insole, this shoe provides the support you need to take your dancing career to the next level.

The top benefits of this product are its high-quality leather upper, split sole shoes design for flexibility, foot articulation and ease of toe stands, moisture absorbent microfiber lining, Poron® memory pad insole provides shock absorption and will never flatten out, folded edges padded collar and Achilles notch for comfort strong toe box. Toe box is ideal for those who want to operate at higher difficulty levels. This shoe also comes with Tele Tone® heel taps mounted on a fiberboard on top of a 3/4" plastic heel and Tele Tone® toe taps mounted on a leather forepart with a fiberboard to produce a deeper resonating sound.

Capezio Women's Flex Master Tap Shoes are a great choice for beginner tap dancers who want shoes that will provide them with all the flexibility, foot articulation, and ease of toe stands they need to master this difficult tap dance form. These shoes are made of high quality leather material with moisture absorbent microfiber lining which is also designed to help shock absorption.

The Capezio Tap Shoe is a good entry level shoe if you're looking for something flexible.

  • High quality leather upper
  • The sole is built for easier toe stands, flexibility, and foot articulation
  • Microfiber lining that absorbs moisture
  • The shock-absorbing insole will never flatten out
  • Folding edges, a cushioned collar, and an Achilles notch for added comfort
  • Two colors: black and caramel
  • Strong toe box
  • Narrow width
  • The heel is rather long

Bloch Women's Chloé and Maud – Dance Shoe

Bloch Women's Chloé and Maud Dance Shoe.

The Chloé and Maud Lace up Tap Shoe is a super flexible, comfortable and stylish tap dance shoe to keep you dancing and tapping away smoothly. This shoe is for tap dancers at all levels, who are looking for a comfortable and supportive shoe that has the best audio engineering on the market. They give a rich tone in the toe and deep tone in the heel for contrast

The outsole of this show features high metal content with an intense chrome look, giving you an unparalleled sound when the heel hits the floor. The cushioned insole adds cushioning so that you can start off on your feet right away - no more sore feet or blisters! It also has removable Chloé & Maud enamel ♥ lace holders positioned front and center to make your style shine every time!

Soft leather upper enables better durability which makes it last through any tough or long practicing session. The plush textured fabric lining offers incomparable comfort. Cushioned insole gives shock absorption to protect joints from impact.

The incredible style of these shoes cannot be ignored. The exquisite oxfords combined with the heart-shaped charm will be the perfect accent to your look on stage. This women's dance shoes offer an unrivalled comfort that will have you syncopating without missing a beat! Bloch Women's Chloé and Maud Dance Shoe combines style with performance features that will have you looking great as well as feeling great!

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Featuring the Bloch Mega tap with a huge metal content and superb audio engineering
  • A rich tone in the toe and deep tone in the heel
  • Comes with a removable Chloe and Maud heart shaped charm
  • Soft leather upper, cushioned insole and plush textile lining
  • Stylish
  • The taps a little heavy at times
  • It's hard to size

Bloch Women's Tap-Flex Slip On Tap Shoe

Bloch Women's Tap-Flex Slip On Tap Shoe.

Bloch Dance Womens Slip-on Flexible Tap Shoes are split sole tap shoe with leather upper and an elasticized instep piece. They are designed for optimal performance, comfort and durability. The tap shoes feature a leather upper with elasticized instep piece that slips onto your foot. Also, leather upper offers durability, breathability, and perfect fit. This shoe features non-slip pro balance rubber pad, strong heel counter, full Kashmir lining for comfort and reduced moisture to keep feet fresh.

These tap shoes come notched at the collar of the heel to alleviate pressure on Achilles tendon. Strong heel counter helps provide stability when lifting the heels during tap routines or turning around quickly. Bloch Slip-on Tap Shoes are your go-to tap shoes.

Bloch Dance Womens Slip-on Flexible Tap Shoes are for people who want a long lasting pair of tap shoes that will give them the most comfort and support. Whether they teach tap dance, perform in a dance company, or just love dancing recreationally - these shoes are perfect for any level of dancer.

You'll stay with the slip-on style if don't wanna fiddle around with laces. These are super comfortable, fit like a glove and sound excellent. They are very flexible and shaped so nicely to foot. The shoes have a nice quality sound, and at a great price for Blochs.

  • Allows for freedom of movement with support
  • Nice sound
  • Leather upper with elasticized instep piece
  • Great price for Blochs
  • Greater cushioning is provided
  • Stretching from wearing

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500.

This best selling low heel, PU upper tap shoe has a canvas bind for support and long lasting wear.

Theatricals tap shoes are a great way to make your feet light up with each step. The materials this shoe is made from consist of pu leather, rubber sole, and screws in taps which have a sound board. The different aspects of the shoe include heel counter, non-skid rubber patch for safety, and cushioned sock lining for comfort. Comfortable sock lining provides extra padding to make sure even those longer classes go by faster without any pain due to rubbing against the wrong material.

This style runs 1in by heel height with women ordering same or half size larger than street shoe sizes while men order 2 sizes larger then their regular size. These are very reasonably priced especially when you consider that they offer beginners an opportunity to start learning without breaking the bank - which is not something many other manufacturers can say about themselves! At this price point you can not find another heels this high quality. This shoe is a great option for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

  • Best price
  • Full-sole lace-up tap shoe with an Oxford style
  • Taps have a sound board
  • Unisex
  • Cushioned socks lining
  • These are not natural leather, accordingly, the material may not be breathing enough

Buying Guide

Buying Guide for tap shoes.


There are many differences between leathers. First of all, tap shoes should be made of leather and hold well on the foot. There are also leather substitutes, but the life of your shoes depends directly on the material. You should also know that high-quality leather shoes cost more than those that are made of pu.

Triple Stacked Heel

1 to 2 inches is the standard value for the heel. To produce a good bass sound, the heel must be massive and the heel block must be large, at least for men. In general, heels are a very important point when choosing shoes. They consist of two plates: the lower one is thin and flat, and the upper one is thicker and a little concave. A small space is left between the plates, which gives a castanet effect and, accordingly, a better sound. Professional blocking plates are made of metal. The experts advise: if you choose cheap shoes, make sure to get high-quality heels.

The tap is where the sound is produced by the special pads. The nature of the sound depends on the quality, material and mounting pads. High requirements are imposed on the alloy from which the shoes are made.

The sole

The sole must be thick, thick, and made of quality compressed leather. This affects how the sole will hold up in the future, after a few months of use.

Make sure they fit properly

Sizing accuracy is one of the most important criteria. The shoes should fit perfectly on the foot. They should not be too large or too small - if they are, it may lead to blisters. To find the right size when buying your tap shoes, carefully read the size chart from the MANUFACTURER. Since these are not regular street shoes, they may not be the same size as these. Moreover, each manufacturer's sizing chart may also be different. Measure the length of your foot to find the appropriate size, and pay attention to the width.

Note, natural leather stretches a bit over time.

How much do I need to spend?

Tap shoes come in many different price ranges; prices usually depend on their materials and design as well as whether they are brand new or pre-owned. For example, a new pair of Capezio tap shoes could cost over $100 while an older model of the same shoe will cost around $60.

Now, major manufacturers like Capezio make "economy" tap shoes in polyurethane, which is faux leather. They are the most affordable. Natural leather models are naturally more expensive.

Which Brand is The Best?

Miller & Ben Tap Shoes, Capezio, Bloch, Grishko and Sansha all make quality tap shoes. Some people prefer one brand over another and some dancers swear by a certain brand because they feel the exact brand provides extra support or allows them to achieve more advanced steps. There's a lot of talk about the best tap dance shoes. That all depends on what you like and who your teacher is.

Final Words

Whether you're serious about tapping or just beginner tap dancer, it's important to get the right pair of shoes. Tap shoes are a versatile, affordable option for both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. The price ranges depend on the materials used in their construction as well as whether they are new or pre-owned.

However, it's important to keep in mind that lower priced models may not be constructed of high quality material while higher end models may come at an expensive cost. If you're looking for a less pricey option, consider faux leather or polyurethane tap shoes by major manufacturers like Capezio who offer "economy" options with comparable durability and sound quality to natural leather tap shoes. Tap Shoes can make your dancing more comfortable if you get the right fit!