What is Break Dance?

You really don't know what breakdancing is? Let us tell you and SHOW what is a real and cool breakdance performed by the best breakers in the world.

What is breakdancing today?Breakdance, also known as b-boying or breaking, is a style of street dance that originated in the South Bronx in New York City during the early 1960s.

Breakdancers perform a variety of moves including footwork, freezes, and power moves, often battling against each other in a display of skill and creativity. Also, breakers have an excellent physical form, as performing complex acrobatic movements requires special preparation. B-boys and b-girls (as they call themselves) develop strength and flexibility of the body, a sense of balance, and endurance.

History of origin

The dance appeared in New York, where it originated in the sixties of the twentieth century. But it is believed that it was finally formed and became a completely independent break-dance only in the year 73. The ancestor of the breaking recognized James Brown, in the show which was first involved in the breakdancers.

70-80s is the period of breakdance popularization. Look at what an old-school breaking was like:

The evolution of the breakdancing is closely linked to the growth of hip-hop and its culture.

The detailed history of hip-hop and breakdance.

Popular Dance Elements


Flare is the rotation of the legs in a circle, alternately changing hands.


Rotation on the floor with widely spaced legs due to fly movements of legs. There are variants in the installation of the hands behind the back - this is one of the basic movements.


Headspin - rotation on the head with the help of hands. The position of the legs can be extended and bent at a blunt or right angle. One of the brightest moves that newcomers to breakdancing want to learn.


Horizontal rotation of the body on bent arms that rest with the elbow against the press.

Six steps

Six-foot movements when the arms support. Looks like circular jogging of the feet on the floor.

Breakdancing Rules and Regulations


Best b-boys & b-girls

DanceBibles editorial choice – TOP 5 favorite breakers

Menno is three times Red Bull BC One champion (2014, 2017, 2019).

This guy is one of a kind. Extremely original and fluid. Menno has an interesting and recognizable style. He uses complex, original transitions from element to element. He has a special energy, strong message, is well able to create psychological attacks during the battle.

Lussy Sky

Lussy Sky is one of the strongest and most musical B-boys of our time. His footwork is too good, hits almost every beat. Just look at his battle with Menno and you'll understand.


Ami got good foundation skills her footwork is on another level. We like her breaking for her lightness and ease of performance, her incredible energy. It's always interesting to watch Amy.


Enduring, strong, technical Zeku, his skill is extraordinary.


B-Boy Lilou is one of the most famous and spectacular bboys in the world. He won the Red Bull BC One in Berlin In 2005 and n New York in 2009. He has a unique style, a special manner of performance and behavior on stage.

Championships and competitions

  • Red Bull BC One;
  • WDSF World Breaking Championship;
  • Battle of the Year;
  • Freestyle Session;
  • IBE;
  • Chelles PRO.


Hip hop music is great for breakers. Rep, funk, jazz, electro, soul are sometimes also popular among dancers. That is if the rhythm of music allows you to break to it, it's good music.