How to choose online pole dance classes

Regardless of your reasons for preferring online pole dance lessons, you can do so with one of the online pole dancing schools we offer on this list. It’s effective, productive, and just as exciting as offline classes! Except you do not need to go anywhere for that, you can practice when you want, and repeat the exercises as much as you need for a perfect performance. Just give it a try!

So, our review is made up of the best pole dancing lessons online. By what criteria did we choose these 4 courses? First, in our opinion, good pole dancing video lessons should be easy to understand. This means that the instructor knows how to convey information to the student. You agree that in order to perform the movement correctly, it is important to know the technique of its execution.

The second criterion is completeness of information. The number of lessons, their length and depth of explanation are important things that affect the dancer’s understanding of the information and the completeness of the information and skills received. So, of course, we cannot call courses the best if they contain insufficient information.

Besides those described above, when choosing online pole dance classes, you must make sure that the coach or coaches are professionals in their field. They have to get some titles and achievements in pole dancing but also be able to explain the information in a clear way.

Secondary, but also important, features include the quality of the video, the cost of the course, the period of access to the video materials, and the ease of using and playback of the video course.

So, let’s take a closer look at the online pole dancing courses 2021 available on the market.

Best Pole Dancing Classes at Home: OpenDance Academy

Having studied the market of online pole lessons there is no doubt that the courses from OpenDance Academy are the best platform for learning pole dancing online.

OpenDance Academy offers pole dancing classes for beginners as well as for professionals. Classes and courses are divided into levels, allowing you to learn at a comfortable pace, while getting exactly the level of knowledge and skills that you need.

Natasha Wang on warming up before a pole class online.

Moreover, the OpenDance Academy website has courses for men that focus on teaching complex pole strength exercises.

The instructors of pole dancing training are athletes and dancers of world renown. Among those are Maddie Sparkle, Sarah Scott, Kira Noire, Marion Crampe, and others.

Here are some of the most popular courses at OpenDance Academy:

Pole Dance Platinum – Best Overall

The course called Pole Dance Platinum is probably a bit expensive, but the most comprehensive and informative course with lifetime access to the materials. The video course is more than 650 minutes long and allows you to really master the skills of a professional pole dancer. It is something worth having. Highly recommended!

Pole Dance Platinum – Best Overall.

Exotic Pole Dance Classes

If you have never had dancing experience before, but want to learn how to move beautifully to music, exotic dancing for beginners is right for you. This 50-hour course will help you to loosen up, learn basic movements and routines. You can take it even if you have no heels.

exotic pole dance classes opendance academy.

Complete Class 2 – Best Professional Pole Dancing Classes

Dreaming of learning new and challenging techniques and tricks? World pole dance champions will show you how to do the entree from Russian Split to Fonji, new Jade Variations, and many other impressive moves. A huge array of the latest information and techniques from the world’s leading Pole Dance coaches, and no need to travel anywhere to the master class, they will all teach you to pole dance at home!

Complete Class 2 – Best Professional Pole Dancing Classes.

Use the code dancebibles to get 10% off to buy more affordable pole dancing classes at Open Dance Academy.

Affordable Pole Dancing Classes: X-Pole TV

At home pole dancing lessons with Nicole Williams.

Some of the best pole dancing coaches have been put together on one X-Pole TV so you can effectively learn pole dancing online, even from the comfort of your own home.

This is the largest library of pole dancing instructional videos of any online school, with over 1,000 video lessons. X-Pole also offers to see if their training program is right for you so they have a 14-day free trial.

Affordable prices are also great: a one-month subscription costs only $15. And you can save a great deal on semi-annual and annual plans! Just pay once and practice for six months or a whole year, depending on the plan you buy. When you pay for either plan, in addition to the video library, you get access to streaming DVDs that vary in difficulty level. The website and video library platform are very user-friendly, making it easy to practice.

All teachers are experienced and leading dancers and athletes. You should visit the site, at least to get acquainted with these talented dancers! And generally, the team X-Pole are real professionals who also produce goods for the pole classes. For example, some of the best poles in our review are exactly the X-Pole production.

Pole Dance Lessons for Beginners: Polefitnessdancing

Pole fit classes with Danna Rossi will help you to get on shape and train at home effectively.

Danna Rossi, the founder of Pole Fitness Dancing, is an excellent and very experienced teacher who has worked her way up from a beginner to an outstanding dancer and most importantly in this case, to a skilled teacher. Her lessons are well received, she explains everything clearly and easily.

These pole dance tutorials are really very detailed, so everyone will be able to cope with the instructor’s challenge, thanks to the step-by-step guide! Videos are played on all possible devices, which is very convenient. There are courses for different levels, but especially popular – for beginners women and men. These are the best courses you can find for the average, physically unprepared person. You don’t need any dance or athletic experience as Danna Rossi has courses available for absolutely everyone! They are also good for you if your goal is to lose weight!

Course programs are divided into levels, for each course you will find a detailed description on the site: what each particular course is and is not, for whom it is suitable and for whom it is NOT.

Check out the website, there’s a free very informative guide on how to get started, how to choose a pole, some safety tips, and other information to help the beginner! For more advanced levels, we would recommend the courses mentioned above.

Beginner Pole Dancing Lessons: Udemy

Udemy is an aggregator of online courses. Since it is a large and global service, the interface here is really user-friendly, and there is a huge range of courses. There are also several options for pole dancers to choose from.

The first thing you’ll find on Udemy is a Pole Dancing Video Course with Noelle Wood. And this will be your great choice! High rating, a lot of real reviews, affordable price for as many as 63 video lessons. Noele has been teaching for eight years and has her own studio. Moreover, she has a 13 years ballet dancer’s background before pole dance teaching. She is also a pilates instructor so you can’t have any doubt about her professionalism.

Pole fitness class with Danna Rossi.

The quality of the videos in this course is not the highest, most likely it was filmed several years ago, nevertheless, it will not stop you from learning new things. Especially recommended for beginners!

There is also a second course on Udemy – Learn to Pole Dance online with Complete Pole – which is newer, so the video quality is much higher than the previous course. Moreover, the professional video from different angles and slow-motion repetitions will provide easier learning and understanding of the material. The course combines lessons from different teachers, as well as different directions, so you learn and sexy movements around the pole and spectacular strength tricks.

Stripper pole lessons.

Now a little more about the benefits of the platform. The platform is really versatile. To study with your smartphone, download the appropriate app. It’s really easy to use.

When you have mastered the chosen course, you will definitely receive a certificate. The program you choose can be evaluated by reviews, the number of students, and your overall grade. Reviews are left by real students, who can share their impressions about the quality of training, the format of presentation, and other features. Detailed course descriptions are also offered. As for the competence of the authors, everything is in order.

It’s nice that you can count on good discounts, thanks to which the price of the program will be reduced by almost 99%. You can start watching the lessons as soon as you make the payment. Access to the course is forever! You can get a refund if the course is unsuitable.

Take care of your safety!

When practicing at home, do not forget that pole dancing can be quite traumatic. By following a few simple rules, you will minimize the risk of injury:

  • A quality warm-up is a prerequisite for any training. Before you start pole training, warm up your muscles, tendons, and joints. Your body should gradually “turn on” and understand that now it is waiting for the physical load. We recommend warming up for at least 20-30 minutes. Stretch everything from your neck and hands to your feet. Do also some abs exercises, squats, push-ups. This will also help to put the necessary muscles to work.
  • Choose the right pole: without joints in awkward places, reliable and stable, with static and dynamic modes. And after you buy it, make sure you install it correctly and securely.
  • Use the crash mat when performing tricks and moves at height.
  • Clear the space around the pole so that you don’t break anything – neither your body part nor the furnishings.

Bottom Line

Online pole dancing classes give absolutely anyone at any age and place of residence the opportunity to start doing what they love. And it does not matter if you want to improve your skills, learn to dance from scratch, or just get a body in shape, doing it online is a very profitable and effective solution. Especially with such a diverse selection of pole dance lessons on the Internet, everyone can find the right level, granularity, quality, and direction of the course.

If you have chosen and completed one of the courses we have described, do not be lazy to write a review to share your opinion with future students.

Happy Online Training!