How to Pole Dance?

If you have ever considered learning pole dancing, please read this first so as not to make the same mistakes I did.

Let me start by saying that I wasn't a professional dancer and 'pole' was never on my list of things I wanted to try in life (silly really considering the many benefits of pole dancing and how to fit it can make you). I began my search online a few years ago and quickly found a pole dancing studio near me. I called and made an appointment with 'Lola', the instructor for a single (one hour) lesson. Lola's studio was located in a large warehouse in the back of an equally large business complex. After ringing the bell and being buzzed through the door, I walked down a long dark hallway that ended with a training room with a few poles.

Lola is a very experienced dancer, and in the first lesson, I wasn't satisfied. My hands were too slippery, my clothes were uncomfortable, and I didn't understand why I was doing most of the exercises at all. After a while, everything began to fall into place. Here's what you need to know so you're on track right away.

Hands Can Slip a Lot

"It slips a lot!" - is the most common problem of pole dancing. This problem is especially true for beginners. To have a high grip of the palm with the pole surface, pole dancers use liquid magnesia or other analogs. The question is that your hands remain dry for a long period of time. Another recommendation I have for slippery palms is to wash your hands with cold water and soap before you pole, and let them dry naturally, don't towel them off. This will help to get rid of hyperhidrosis of the palms for a while. Refusing to use additional grip aids (reasoning that "the skin will get used to it") leads to futile suffering and a greater risk of injury.

Clothes are Important

Now you need all the clothes from tops to shorts. It's not about being sexy but about practicality. The main thing in pole dancing - the clothes must not make it difficult to move and slip. This is especially important not only for beginners who do not have enough muscles in the body yet but for all pole dancers. I recommend wearing tight-fitting tops with open arms and armpits. You should also wear shorts. Open skin of the legs, arms, and waist is necessary for a good grip of the body on the pole, as a large number of tricks and movements require it. While the fabric slides on the metal, making it impossible to hold most positions.

It is not recommended to wear leggings, T-shirts and long tops, gaiters. Also, before the class remove jewelry: rings, long/hanging earrings, pendants; rings scratch and damage pole, and other jewelry can get caught on something and hurt you. Here you can find more information what to wear to the pole dance classes.

Pole dance wear.

It Can Be Painful

Pole dance is an amazingly fun exercise, but it can sometimes be very painful. It was scary for me to try the pole at first because I didn't know what to expect. So you should know about this "feature". But don't be afraid.

First, the beginning elements are painless. Secondly, you quickly get used to some pain. The pain is felt when the skin rubs too tightly against the pole. But this goes away with practice. Often beginners are frightened by the presence of small bruises on their legs and arms. But don't think it will always be that way.

There are Different Styles of Pole Dancing

Each pole dance style has its own distinctive features so you can choose the direction you like best. So, let's learn more about these styles.

Pole Art

Pole Art is a combination of dance and strength elements. Competitions usually require a ratio of 50% to 50%. Thus, it is the most harmonious combination of grace and finesse dance on a pole with power and spectacular tricks. Nevertheless, the emphasis is on artistry.

Judges focus on choreography, grace, and the performer's image when competing in the pole art category. At the same time, such exciting pole movements can be quite easy to perform, the technical complexity of tricks is not put in the first position in importance, but is evaluated on a par with the overall presentation and integrity of the image. The chosen musical accompaniment and dancer's look will also be important for the judges. The dancer plays a role, his movements tell a whole story in a few minutes of dance.


Pole Sport is a candidate for inclusion in the Summer Olympics. It is characterized by a greater number of power elements, the latest developments in the performance of tricks, and their combination into complex "combos". The increased concentration on spectacular elements makes it easier to award points in competitions. This is an ideal option for those who want to combine dance and strength.

Mandatory elements and points to them are prescribed for each competition. Different categories also usually prescribe different types of restrictions on the level of difficulty: the number of touches on the floor by the dancer, the number of elements performed, and so on. The image is not a priority in pole sports. Often the appearance can be quite neutral.

Exotic Pole Dance

Exotic pole dance is a combination of strip and pole dance. This is the sexiest style of pole dance and involves mainly performing dance routines around the pole. Exotic pole dancers generally wear high heels and incorporate more floor work and sensual techniques into their routines. Exotic styles may also vary, for example, exotic hard vs. exotic flow.

  • Exotic Flow is a dance of flow. Elements of plastic in the dance flow smoothly from one to another. This category does not require the performer to perform complex tricks on the pole. Of particular importance is floorwork.
  • Exotic Hard is the most tricky category of exotic pole dance. The main emphasis is placed on the ability to perform acrobatic elements on the pole in high heels. Tricks must be dancing, but not a set of disparate elements on the pole.
  • Exotic Old Style is the sexiest category in exotic pole dance. The emphasis is on sensuality and femininity, sexuality and passion. Dance performed in this category must be musical, with accents and broaches. Tricks, as a rule, are chosen as smoothly as possible, with the possibility of transitions from one to another.

So you should initially decide what exactly you would like to do. If you want to focus on dance rather than on tricks, pay attention to pole art; if you are more interested in learning how to do various acrobatic elements on a pole, then feel free to sign up for a lesson in pole sports.

Pole Dance Can Be Different

Now you'll see what I mean.

Sexy or not at all, gentle, dramatic, funny, fast or slow, smooth or brisk, expressive and sensual. So it's not just about sexuality. You can manifest in this dance in all the variety of movement and dance about that and how you feel it. Yes, pole dance is often sexy, but it is only one of its manifestations.

You Don't Have to Have a Dance or Sports Background to Start!

Many pole dancers started with no dance experience at all, some have danced for a long time and continued to find their own unique style. Even if you don't have a dance background, the beauty of pole dancing is that it is mostly self-taught – you can watch videos or online pole dancing classes and dance with stripper pole portable for your home. You can also take lessons from a pole dance studio or instructor.

You don't need to be able to do the splits to do most of the elements. Arm and grip strength are gained over time. As for the plasticity and grace of movement, it will come with practice. So hurry up and start, instead of looking for reasons why you won't be able to do it! I'm telling you this from my own experience, as I started from scratch 4 years ago, and today I'm already coaching others!

Be Confident

Yes, you are not the first woman who wants to try yourself as a pole dancer. You are not alone. But if you want to be confident and succeed in this difficult task, then remember: You can do this!

Many people are really often embarrassed to come to their first class. In addition, not everyone feels comfortable training in a short top and shorts in front of strangers. However, believe me, the community of pole dancers will support you, because each of them went through the same thing as you! It takes just a couple of lessons, and you'll feel that you were worried and unsure for nothing. Everyone in the dance hall is equal and beautiful!

Horizon variation on the pole.

It Can Be Difficult at First

Actually, the first milestone can be difficult to overcome (not for everyone, but you have to be ready for it, so as not to despair). As a pole dance coach, I have seen many times that when coming to the first pole dance class, people are disappointed in themselves, come to the conclusion that this direction is not for them, and do not return to the pole. However, I would recommend you in this situation, overcome yourself and try again and again. When the body gets used to this kind of stress, it will become easier and you will begin to make the first progress. Also, you will begin to feel stronger, more flexible, and generally more confident. Pole dance is a very dynamic and exciting sport that you will love. You won't notice how time flies when you're working out with your favorite pole.

Then practice regularly and carefully follow the techniques of professional instructors and videos on the Internet. Be patient and persistent. All new skills require much practice to be learned.

It's Never Too Late

Pole dance differs from other dance styles in that it is often started at an adult age. Children dance quite often on a pole. But a huge, even overwhelming number of adult groups cannot fail to please. After all, people who have always dreamed of learning to dance, but could not or did not have time, come to dance on the pole. And also more and more often women over 40, 50 years old come. They also want to dance, to tighten their bodies, to do what they love and what brings them pleasure! In that sense, pole dancing is very accessible to everyone, regardless of age.

It Will Help To Be In Shape

The body will be tightened, muscle definition will appear, including the abs. Pole dance classes are one of the most effective ways to have a harmonious, beautiful, and slim figure.

Final Words

To become a pole dancer, you may need to put in some time and effort. Pole dancing is an athletic and artistic form of dance that requires strength, flexibility, and confidence. If you want to learn how to pole dance for fun or as a competitive sport, we hope this article has answered your questions about the basics of starting out with pole art or sports!

I wish to help new pole dance lovers with these tips. Now you know how to start pole dancing, what to expect from the first classes and whether it's worth trying this sport at all.