Who we are

DanceBibles.com is a team of dancers, editors and just people in love with their business who want to help make life easier for a dancer, and it does not matter if you are a beginner, or a professional, or a parent of a child who is engaged in dancing. Here we all share our experience (which, by the way, in total are more than 45 years). Each of us started with something, each of us became better and better every day in his field. All our team are professionals in one direction or another of the dance, so we know exactly what we are writing about.

What we do

Our mission is to make a dancer’s life easier.

We carry out our mission with the help of our advice – how to get better every day, how to learn a particular style and many other “How to” questions and answers can be found on our website.

We carry out our mission by publishing various information materials about the history of dance styles, about people who have contributed to the development of dance as such, about important events in the world of dance art.

Every dancer needs qualified assistance in choosing shoes, pylon or sports uniforms. We help you choose the right and most suitable product with our reviews. Each such material is based on our own experience and sometimes even mistakes, do not do the same as we do – use our reviews 😉

And most importantly – we want to build a big friendly dance community around the world! Dancers of the world – unite 😉

Please write to us, leave comments under articles, subscribe to us on social networks. All this will make us better, and accordingly, our content will be better too.

How we work

Each of our articles is the result of the work of several people: a writer, an editor, a content manager. We study the topic of the article in detail, carry out thorough research, prepare the material that will be interesting to read, cognitive and most importantly – useful. If it is a review of products – we do not just research, we also study reviews (we select only natural and true), select products for testing, analyze them, carry out manual testing of these products, make a rating based on selected criteria, prepare detailed descriptions of these products and, finally, write a buying guide.

Our ethics

The DanceBibles team is assembled on the basis of general principles. We only do what is consistent with the following principles of work and life:

  • We do what we love to do. We’re an enthusiastic team. Each of us is in love with what he does. We just don’t know how to live differently if we don’t dance (and now, if we don’t write about it, ha-ha).
  • Honesty. We all want to tell only the truth, both among ourselves and our readers. Therefore, everything you read on the pages of this site – our honest opinion and sincere point of view.
  • Independence. All DanceBibles articles are the independent opinion of the editorial board and its members based on verified information.

Our ethics

Emma Bolton – owner and chief of dancebibles.com, professional dancer, pole dance coach.

I got for the first time in the dance class at 10 years old in a ballroom dancing lesson. I was engaged in ballroom dancing for 4 years until a partner broke the arm and stopped dancing at all. After not being able to find a partner in ballroom dancing, got to class on pole dance, since then I can not imagine my life without the pole.

My main goal of creating this resource is to be useful for dancers around the world. We want to make the life of every dancer easier and even more interesting. And if on the way we manage to create some world community where we can all communicate and support each other – it will be the limit of my dreams.

Any other questions?

Contact us on any question you are interested in. We’d be happy to hear from you.