Movies about Dancing

    • Step Up (1-6 parts)

Step up - the legendary six films about dancing, after which many teenagers went looking for dance schools in order to learn how to move and dance, like Tyler from the first and second parts of the film.

Step Up with Channing Tatum.

The first part (2006) is about a young man, Tyler, for whom the main thing in life is street dance. After one of the street dancing adventures (Tyler and his friends snuck into the local art school), the police detained Tyler. As a result, the court ordered him to community service at the school. During this time Tyler's life began to change dramatically.

There is an interesting plot, a lot of music and dancing Channing Tatum. There is also a love story and unexpected plot twists. And most importantly, the film perfectly captures the atmosphere of the streets and street dances. Step Up is mandatory for all dance lovers to watch.

The second part is no less entertaining because it tells us about Tyler's sister. It is in this movie appears all the favorite hero Moose, who played Adam Sevani. All events take place according to the laws of the genre, but from this film does not become boring. It is filled with special effects, cool dances and dancers, and good music.

Step Up 2 The Streets.

We recommend that you view at least the first 4 parts of Step Up. The movie will give you a lot of fun if you like dancing, especially in street directions.

    • Dirty Dancing (1987)

Dirty Dancing.

Dance classics, the absolute must-have in the list of films about dance. Chic Patrick Swayze and gentle Jennifer Grey is a legendary duo that amazes with sincerity.

The film tells about the romantic union of two completely different people, representatives of different estates. And this union became possible only through music and dance.

There is also the second part - Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004). The stories are not related to each other, but the plots are similar in many ways. It's a kind of fresh look at the usual plot. We recommend you to watch both parts.

    • Honey (2003)


A classic story about a young girl who works hard and dreams of opening her own dance school. During the day - she goes to castings of dancers, teaches dance to children, and at night - we work as a bartender in a nightclub. There, her dance is noticed one day, and it changes her whole life.

Jessica Alba, starring, looks very organic. You believe in her and you empathize with her. The story is very sincere and kind, so we recommend watching it not only for a good time but also for motivation.

    • Magic Mike (2012) + Magic Mike XXL (2015)

Magis Mike.

If you haven't had enough Channing Tatum in Step Up, make sure you watch Magic Mike. Besides Tatum, featured Oscar bearer Matthew McConaughey and promising young actor Alex Pettifer starred in Magic Mike. During the day Mike works on a construction site and puts tiles, and at night becomes the object of lust of all visitors to the club "Kings of Tampa".

Magis Mike XXL.

A relaxing comedy about the life of strippers is great for watching at the weekend.

    • Battle of the Year (2013)

Battle of The Year.

The film tells about how the American team is preparing for the most important dance competitions of the world scale. Teams from all countries compete for the main prize - the title of the best dance team in the world, the title of Kings of the dance floor.

    • StreetDance (2010)


StreetDance - a youth melodrama about the participants of the dance tournament. Participants of the dance group "Jay 20" live dancing and even got the right to perform in the final championship of England on street dance. But the way to victory is not so easy and the team is waiting for many obstacles.

The film focuses on a mixture of styles: the first part of street dance and ballet, the second part of the film - street dance and Latina.

The film has three parts in total.

    • La danseuse (2016)

La danseuse.

The painting about the discoverer of art nouveau in the dance Loi Fuller - attracts emotional, musical, and choreographic background. On the one hand, the drama "La danseuse" tells about a strong woman, who since childhood used to overcome resistance, looking for ways to self-fulfillment, hard to work to realize themselves. On the other hand - the story of Loi Fuller - is the tragedy of a man who did not know happiness in life and was not endowed with the deserved glory after death. And yet this woman can serve as an example of a selfless attitude to a favorite cause. But the fame of a dancer in the art nouveau style went to a student Fuller Isadora Duncan.

Interesting biographical drama with a deep philosophical meaning. Be sure to watch if you dance in modern dance directions.

    • Dancer (2016)


The documentary is dedicated to one of the most famous and talented artists of contemporary ballet - Sergei Polunin. Having managed to reach the top of his dancing career by the age of 19, at the age of 25 Polunin begins to think seriously about changing his life path. Acquaintance with dubious personalities and drug abuse leads to failures, but Sergei's talent continues to fascinate the public, and specialists read the dancer a bright and fast career, putting him on a par with such ballet stars as Mikhail Baryshnikov and Rudolf Nureyev.

    • Burlesque (2010)


Starring the musical is charming Christina Aguilera and Cher. The plot tells of a young talented girl Ali, who comes to Los Angeles to conquer the scene burlesque club. She is talented and purposeful. The musical was created especially for the actor's debut of Christina Aguilera.

It is an interesting story about the struggle for success in the dance industry.

    • Fame (2009)


A film-musical about the New York School of Art. Every student has dreams of popularity, but the road to glory is complicated and thorny. This film is about whether students can overcome all the difficulties on their way to come to a cherished desire.

    • Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan.

The Black Swan is a modern story about ballet dancer Nina (played by Natalie Portman), whose life is changing as she gets the main role in Swan Lake. The film shows well the daily hard work of ballet dancers, tells about the strained relations between parents and children-dancers. The life of the main character is inseparable from her professional activities because ballet and getting her starring role in the legendary ballet production - became the meaning of her life.

Black Swan should please not only fans of classical dance, but also those who love drama stories about self-reflection, which sometimes leads to schizophrenic tendencies.

    • Shall We Dance? (2004)

Shall We Dance?

A romantic comedy with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez tells how dancing helps save a person from everyday routine and diversify his life.

It's a touching melodrama with great actors and an interesting story. It's a good movie to watch in the evening.

    • Take the lead (2006)

Take the Lead.

The painting tells about the confrontation between a teacher of classical tango dance and teenagers - representatives of youth hip-hop culture. Hold Rhythm - an elegant, deep, and high-quality film about dance and not only. In addition to good performances, it also shows the complex relationship between people. The protagonist acts as a kind of model, carrying the teachings not only dance but also the rules of conduct in life, regardless of position and status.

Although Dance is certainly the main theme of the movie. Each dance, especially the tango, is shown in this film very professionally and competently.

This is our TOP-13 movies about dancing.

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