How to choose a dance school?

Choosing of a dance studio can sometimes be confusing for those wishing to start choreography. The difficulty lies in the abundance of choice and lack of experience. We have collected useful expert advice on how not to make the wrong choice when choosing a dance school for yourself or for your child.

Before you make your choice, think about your goals: whether you want to dance as a hobby or plan to achieve professionalism and a certain level of training. In the first case - remove the schools that prepare professional dancers, in the second - pay special attention to them. In any case, the following tips will help you make the right choice.

Learn more about the teaching staff and their qualifications

Dance coach - a person who will directly and continuously interact with you or your child and a person who should show you how to become a very good dancer.

Find a dance studio where you can enjoy dancing.

He has to:

  1. be qualified and experienced enough to teach;
  2. have regalia and achievements in the dance field;
  3. be able to present information in a clear and comprehensible manner.

It's very important who exactly is going to teach you. It has to be a professional who has a "from and to" style. In the end, in many ways, you will adopt his plasticity and style of dancing.

The sympathy that arises on an emotional level is also important. If you like your coach, you will train and learn with more pleasure and enthusiasm.

It's a good idea to visit different trainers sometimes to have a variety of styles.

Does the studio participate in dance competitions?

It is important not only to improve your skills but also to practice them in competitive scenes. This greatly increases the level of a dancer, develops artistic skills, hardens and gives an idea of the level of other dancers. If a school takes its students to competitions, it indicates its desire to grow them into professionals.

Dance school pictures.

Even more serious (but not obligatory) criterion of choice - the organization of own competitions.

Student level

The dynamics of progress and a good level of training for those students who have been studying for more than a year or two is an indicator of high-quality teaching and the seriousness of such a dance studio. Try to see if there are successful graduates who have become successful in their dance direction.

Dancing hall

An important criterion is the gym that you will be training. Availability of free space, mirrors, quality flooring, ballet lathe (in the case of ballet school) - mandatory criteria for selection. A good advantage will be ventilation, airing or air conditioning of the room (all the dance groups are training in the hall in a row).

Spacious and bright dance hall.

Trial lesson

Many dance studios have a free trial lesson, which will make a lot of things clear for you. Try it until you find something that suits your criteria and needs.

How far are you ready to go?

It is desirable not to choose a studio that is just nearby but does not meet the criteria described above. Behind quality training, it is worthwhile to drive longer and further. This time will pay off your level of dance training in the future.


The feeling of inspiration and desire to create arises in a positive and pleasant atmosphere. It is created by the attitude to everything: to training, to dance, to other dance schools, the relationship between students and coaches. Training becomes even more important and enjoyable if the studio creates a family or friendly atmosphere.

Pick a dance school for a child

Pick school of dance for your child.

When choosing a studio for your child, parents should follow the following tips:

  1. at least the first few sessions, ask to be present (if possible);
  2. listen carefully to your child about how they have been trained, and pay attention to their mood after the dance class;
  3. pay special attention to the choice of the trainer: he or she should be able to get along with the children and explain the dance technique to them in a language they can understand;
  4. perhaps you have a dance class in school.

Dance and have fun!

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