How to Become a Better Dancer?

The profession of a dancer requires constant work on himself and his body. Whether you are a professional dancer or a student in a dance class or dance college, you will always have to improve your skills. So what do you have always to do to become a better and better dancer every day? We'll tell you some tips in the article below.

Watch the other dancers dance.

Watch the video of others dancing. Pay attention to detail, plasticity, choreography. Over time it will diversify your dance vocabulary and may even help to form individual and special plasticity. Also, paying attention to other dancers, you develop your own dance taste and ideas about the world of dancing.

Shoot yourself on video.

Without seeing yourself from the outside, it will be difficult for you to evaluate your progress and technique. Also, be sure to practice in front of the mirror. But even better, videotape yourself periodically. From the outside, you can often see what can be improved in the technique of a particular movement.

Shoot yourself on video.

Practice often.

Frequent and regular training is the key to your progress. Don't be overworked, but work out every day as much as you can. If you can't dance in the studio every day, then dance at home on days free from studio training. No room? Practice separate movements. Look for an opportunity, not an excuse. This quality is definitely useful for you if you want to be a successful and professional dancer.

Dance in front of mirror.

Attend the masterclasses.

To learn from a good choreographer or dancer who came to your city is an opportunity that is simply not to be lost. Usually, these masterclasses give you much more than a few months of regular training. This is because top dancers and choreographers with a lot of experience come to the masterclasses.

Try training with different coaches.

In addition to masterclasses, try classes with different coaches. Everyone has a different approach to teaching, different style, and plasticity. This variety is sure to benefit your body.


Set specific goals.

It's cool that you want to be better than you are. But it's not very effective if you don't set specific goals. Such a goal can be a victory or a prize in competitions, participation in battles, appearances in public, getting a job in ballet, organizing your group of dancers, etc. Goals may also be short-term, such as learning to spin on your head if you are a b-boy, or learning the attitude (the main pose of ballet) if you're a ballet dancer. In this way, you will be able to track your progress, and achieving your goals will inspire you to win even more.

Different dancers' goals.

Take part in competitions and battles.

Dancing in public is a completely different feeling than in a training class. Performances train artistry, the ability to express emotion in dance, as well as tell a story with your body. Competitions and battles bring up a sporting spirit and competitive enthusiasm.

Dancer on Competitive Stage.

Communicate with other dancers.

Sharing experiences, the opportunity to train together, an objective view from the outside - all these are the benefits of communicating with other dancers. Yes, sometimes you may meet an adversary who will not be sincere with you because of competition or other selfish feelings. But in most cases, the dancers around you can help you became better every day, and you can help them in this too.

Find people from whom you can get quality feedback.

Ask your coach for advice, ask him what you are doing right and what you are not. In addition to coaches, you can talk to friends and family, even if they have nothing to do with dancing. You will at least get a boost of motivation and support from them.

Give 100% in training.

Take ALL from every training. Be serious, listen carefully to what the coach says. Repeat the movements after the coach over and over again, because the more practice you have, the faster the result will be. Why come to the training if you do not plan to do everything you can on it?

Keep the body toned.

It's a set of actions - work out, eat the right food and sleep enough. All this will make your body always ready for exercise, strong and healthy. Every day it works hard to be better for you. Do something for your body in return - make sure that your body is nourished with quality micro- and macronutrients, and that you recover sufficiently while you sleep. It's also a big plus for you if you keep your muscles toned by training in the gym or jogging if necessary.

Healthy Body.

Ignore the haters, but don't be seduced by compliments.

Negative in this field of activity can not be avoided, it is important - do not pay attention to him. Constructive criticism from professionals and experienced specialists, of course, is important. But if we are talking about envious people, then you should not be upset about their opinion. As for praise and compliments, they are, of course, very pleasant. But the main thing is not to stop at what has been achieved.

Do not ignore fatigue, pain, or even minor injuries.

Take care of your body and make sure it's healthy. If you feel pain in any part of your body, do not ignore it. Tell your trainer, or see a doctor immediately. Any injuries, even the mildest, can lead to serious and severe consequences.

Don't compare yourself to others.

Nobody’s born a dancer. Yes, some people are more inclined to learn, some people learn easier or faster, some people have good ears, then they get rhythm quicker but nobody’s born with coordination. That’s a skill that has to be developed.

Nobody’s born a dancer.

Do not give up!

This is one of the most important tips for all dancers, both beginners, and professionals. Never give up, no matter what. Take challenges with pride, and also be confident in yourself. And you will succeed!

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